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As you explore and learn about Urbane International Group, you’ll discover we’re your neighborhood professionals for everything residential. The ‘one-stop-shop’. Knowledgeable. Original. Experienced. Innovative. Trustworthy. Have a look and learn about Urbane International Group.

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We welcome you to get to know more about Urbane International Group. An important goal for us is to provide a pleasant, informative experience for our visitors. Tour around. International real estate, dream home design and residential construction. We’re confident you’ll learn a lot about Urbane International Group.

The Firm utilizes state-of-the-art technology. International marketing, 2D or 3D design-build software are operated for optimal benefit to our clients. Inspirations, ideas, innovation, products, services and technology are at your fingertips.

About Urbane International | Everything Residential | One-Stop-Shop for ALL

We are a leading authority to researchers. Information about Residential Real Estate, Home Design & Interior Design. Custom House Design Plans, Renovations, Restorations & Landscapes. Outdoor Living spaces, Outdoor Entertainment areas, Gardens & Project Management. Custom Winter Homes, Residential Building & General Construction Contracting. All here. All under the control of your mouse.

We are constantly upgrading so check back often. A distinguished Residential Team of International Associates. Veteran, accredited and highly-respected House Designers, contracted Architects (as needed), Interior Designers, Residential Builders, General Contractors and International Realtor’s.

Although custom house floor plans, modern house designs, dream homes and general contracting is our specialty, residential sustainability is our focus moving into the future. That’s why a full page all about Urbane International Residential Group.

About Urbane in Alberta | British Columbia | Canada | California | United States | Jalisco | Nayarit | Nuevo Leon | Mexico

Quickly, a little bit about us. The Urbane Group of Associates is a Firm with a carefully assembled global Team of Specialists. Over 160 top, veteran, international professionals work here. We operate throughout Canada. Our primary areas of focus are across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. The Head Offices are located in Calgary Alberta. Please note, we do not practice ‘in house’ architecture in the Province of British Columbia. Any architectural related services needed in BC are sub-contracted to a licenced, accredited, resident architectural firm.

Urbane International Group maintains a number of subsidiary Offices. Vancouver British Columbia, San Diego California and Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We also keep up many key satellite and virtual locations. We have ‘by appointment only’ offices also in Edmonton Alberta, Bellingham Washington, Seattle Washington and Phoenix Arizona. In BC, we serve all interior British Columbia including Kelowna and Kamloops, as demand requires, also from ‘appointment only’ offices.

From these smaller satellite locations our Teams cater to needs of Clients across Canada, the United States and Mexico. You’ll find us in Red Deer, Edson, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Lloydminster and Lethbridge, to mention the main ones.

The Urbane Team proudly and professionally serves such areas as Ft. MacMurray, Athabasca, Bonnyville, Lloydminster in the north. In central Alberta; Provost, Camrose, Stettler, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake, Rocky Mountain House and Olds are regular places of business operations. To the west, Cochrane, Black Diamond, Okotoks, High River and Pincher Creek are all areas we work in regularly. To the south and east, Drumheller, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.

There is likely not a corner of Alberta that the Urbane Residential Group of Professionals has not worked in at one time or another.

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The Urbane Team of Experts are licenced, bonded and insured in. Our diverse Group’s veteran experts, work extensively down the western side of the continents.

The Lower Mainland and the Islands are serviced from White Rock – Vancouver BC. Along the Pacific corridor we’re in Washington, Oregon and California. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas are also key business areas.

Periodically, we’re in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, the British Isles and South America. Our world-class designers and builders have done work in Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands as well. We love traveling. We love helping, even more.

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It is one of our principles to bring professionalism to our clients dream-sites. The Urbane Design, Construction & Real Estate Group periodically handle projects in Europe as well. Of course, by special request the Urbane Group Team will do your work, almost anywhere.

Urbane’s Team of Professionals listen. They understand. They deliver. Our specialists know you must be excited about your dream. But, you’re probably also a little nervous. Maybe even uncertain or overwhelmed about who to trust or, where to begin.

We’re here to help! We’ll guarantee you are in good hands.

About Urbane’s 45 proud years in business on May 12th, 2016. That’s a lot!

Have a look at what our previous Clients have to say. The Urbane Group is here to serve.

Clients tell us, the Firm’s expertise and services are second to none. When you have international real estate needs, residential consult, design, build, or construction services – Make an online inquiry 24/7. Get info, questions answered or arrange a meeting. The Urbane International Real Estate Group Team – residential consulting, designing, managing, building, real estate sales experts.

Integrity, transparency and effective communication are fundamentals at this Firm. Our expert Team’s are widely known and well respected in their fields of specialty.

Ethics, quality, punctuality, creativity, originality, distinction, ingenuity and ambition are part of our corporate culture. They are shared values that are dear to us and vigorously upheld. The Firm doesn’t have a “that’s good enough” attitude or mentality. Nor do we ever take short-cuts on anything we undertake or engage in.

Honesty, transparency, clarity, communication, and exemplary customer service are fundamental practices at The Urbane International Group.

Make No Mistake – When Dealing With Urbane Group – You’re Dealing with a Firm who KNOWS about the International Ropes

The Urbane International Group of Canada and Mexico are a very diversified group of professional specialists. Fields of expertise are extensive. Strengths are incalculable. Benefits are endless.

Consulting, designing and building. Diversified core services are the Firm’s foundation. Our focus is on sustainable design and construction technology. Dream home custom designers and builders.

A renovations design and construction contractor. An outdoor living space designer and supplier, builder. A landscape design and install service provider. A general international construction contractor.

Together with full international real estate sales, services and high-quality Vacation Rental Condos in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico.

Urbane International Group is a veteran, expert Firm for fine international real estate and everything related. Here’s some questions to illustrate….

| Do you need a residential building lot for your dream, retirement, winter or vacation home?

| Looking to purchase international real estate in Mexico, or to sell property locally?

| Want to have a landscape design, garden layout or landscape master plan drawn?

| Desire being somewhere averaging +28 Celsius and sunny 340 days annually?

| Looking for a custom home builder to design and build your Dream Home?

| Require custom home or renovation master-plan design drawings?

| Do you need help finding the ideal rental property to live?

| Looking for an international real estate investment?

| Want a vacation rental property for your holiday?

| Do you need a new custom home designed?

| Do you need an escape to a winter retreat?

| Are you in need of contracted services?

| Are you looking for an Interior design?

| Want to do a Residential renovation?

| Wondering where to turn next?

| Are you retiring soon?

| Got questions?

If you Answered YES even once – You’re At The Right Place. Receive ALL about Urbane International Group

Together, we’re the residential one-stop-shop. Local and international real estate. Residential Home design. Custom homes. Residential renovations. Landscapes, gardens and outdoor living. General construction. Project management. Professional property management.

A respected Firm with small-town Alberta beginnings and values. In business for nearly 5 decades, since 1971.

The Urbane Group is an innovative world leader in sustainable design technology too. This Firm is about Urbane Group being the ‘One-stop-Shop’ for everything residential. Specialty real estate, custom house floor plans, modern custom house designs, custom dream home design and residential sustainability.

Real estate acquisition, residential consulting, home designing, custom house building and project management is all about where we shine.

The Urbane Team of Experts in conjunction with the Urbane International Group of Associates. A group who expertly handle everything related to residential project dreams, needs and desires for families. A custom house should be a home, not just a building to live in. The lifestyle dream should be realized in every family custom house. Turn it into a personal retreat – a home.

Our Firm covers all aspects of residential custom house design and build including synergy in both the indoor living spaces with the outdoor ones.

Join Urbane Group International’s Franchise Family | About Residential Design Build, Construction & Real Estate

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Last but not least, you can become an Urbane Franchisee. Offer all our great services and practices to Clients in your service area. Urbane International Real Estate and Residential Design Build Construction Group Franchises are available globally.

To uphold the Urbane Code of Ethics, only pre-qualified, screened buyers are eligible to purchase an Urbane Franchise. Each issued Franchise is fully supported. All are independently owned and operated. Every one is governed by, and in accordance with, the Urbane International Group Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Again, please note, we do not practice ‘in house’ architecture in the Province of British Columbia. Any architectural related services needed in BC are sub-contracted to a licenced, accredited, resident architectural firm there.

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