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We are Maralio Urbane Real Estate & Architectural Consult-Design-Build Group Inc. In Mexico we’re Grupo Maralio Urbane Servicios Residenciales. Birth was given to this real estate & residential consult-design-build company in 1971. We began with a vision, a prayer and a dream. We ended up as a world leader. Urbane Groupnot only in Bucerias, is about integrity, service and honesty. Creativity, originality and quality are basics at the Firm. Supplying all these as a package is job #1 for us!

Our expert real estate & architectural consulting, designing, building and Bucerias sales Teams are widely known professionals. Well respected in their fields of specialty in Bucerias real property. We’ll guarantee you are in good hands. Integrity, transparency and effective communication are fundamentals at this Firm.

The Urbane Real Estate Team of Professionals listen. We understand. Our Team of specialists know you must be excited about your Bucerias dream, whatever it is. But, you’re probably also a little nervous. Maybe even uncertain or overwhelmed about who to trust. Or, where to begin for that matter because you’re a ex-pat in Bucerias. We’re here to help! Trends & forecasts, Bucerias and area architectural & residential design-build, construction & landscape design-build services are all available at your fingertips, with the click of a mouse.

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Bucerias Real Estate Goals And Fulfill Your Dreams?

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We operate throughout the western hemisphere. In Canada, our primary areas of focus are across Alberta and British Columbia. Service is also extended into Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec by request. Urbane Real Estate Group International maintains leading Offices in the United States and in Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias Mexico too. Seattle, San Diego and Phoenix are also key locations.

Expertise.    Quality.    Integrity.    Service.    Experience.   Excellence.

This Firm doesn’t have a “that’s good enough” attitude. Nor do we ever take short-cuts, in Bucerias real estate, or anything else. Honesty, transparency and clarity are fundamentals at this company. Integrity, ethics, and ambition are part of our corporate culture. We thrive on originality, communication and superior customer service. All these, are shared values, dear to Urbane Real Estate and actively upheld. Our Bucerias Client Care Team is no exception. Contact us TODAY!


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Strategic Locations of the Top International Urbane Real Estate Group on the Planet

When you’re Mexico bound – partner up with Urbane Real Estate Group in Bucerias. Get all the benefits of our expertise and experience. We focus mainly in the States of Jalisco and Nayarit. Our main international real estate offices are located in Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias Mexico. There, Urbane specializes in international real estate, including quality Vacation Rental Properties.

Urbane Real Estate Group extensively utilizes modern technology including voice-mail at our International Call Center in San Diego and at our IT hub in Phoenix. Our Teams travel to wherever you need us. We’ll service your requests to the very best of our ability. Give us a shout at 1.855.5 URBANE.