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Since 1971, we’ve been testing, picking, choosing and perfecting our pre-approved building materials resources and home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and the Vendors we work with. Why? It’s simple! Because we like inferior quality, mistakes and malfunctions – even less than you do!

Since we have done all the work already in seeking out high-quality building materials and home improvement products Preferred Supply Companies who supply a vast variety of Home Products, we wanted to share the sweat of our toil with you, our valued customers, as part of our 5 Gold Star Customer Service Pledge and practice. We hope you find this resource helpful in resolving some of your issues and queries. If there is something you can’t find here, just get in touch with us. Chances are – we have it!

Since materials, services and products are as varied as the people who use them, it is important to have a pre-qualified network of high-quality building materials and home improvement products Preferred Suppliers in advance. It is important for our Firm to have knowledge of items that our Clients want. Often, the Clients are not aware of all the various possibilities for a particular application. Nevertheless, it is our goal to supply solutions to Client queries. When you need solutions, turn to us for them. We’ve refined the solution process, of scouting out high-quality building materials and home improvement products Preferred Suppliers since 1971… and if we don’t have a solution already on hand… we’ll sure get one for you, quickly!

Although this section of our Website is still under renovation, we will be compiling a detailed group of direct Links for you to use. Please check back with us often to see the updates, as they change weekly as we advance with the Website upgrades.

Trust, Quality & Integrity – Key Factors in Choosing Building Materials Preferred Suppliers & Vendors

Many Companies approach us with their products, in an attempt to make sales to us. As well, many Sub-Contractors, Specialty Trades and Vendors approach us offering their services. And honestly, we’ve been burned a few times over our 44+ years in business. When something like that happens, it also has negative consequences on our reputation.

Therefore, many years ago we implemented a rigorous screening process to sift through the applicants and compile a detailed portfolio of the good ones. We have to know we can trust them, their products and services. This assessing must be done before we can approve them to be placed on our high-quality building materials and home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and Vendors List, for recommendation to our Clients. Quality and integrity are just 2 of the reasons why we’ve chosen to do business with only the best home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and Vendors available.

Below you will find a small representation of the many thousands of home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and Vendors on our Approved Vendor List. We are continually adding to the list, so if there is anything you cannot find here, please CONTACT US by phone toll-free from anywhere in Canada or the USA at 1.855.5URBANE, or with the handy Inquiry Form below. Give us a description or the name of what you want and we’ll get it for you, no question about it! We deal with thousands of fine Companies in Canada, the USA, Mexico and from around the globe. All part of the reason why, we are “The One-Stop-Shop for Everything Residential,” including a handy and reliable resource for home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and Vendors.

Building Materials Preferred Suppliers Links


Each one of the image Icons that will soon be below will be a ‘Live Link’. Click on the one(s) of interest below and it will open for you in a new window. You can then view that home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and Vendors Website, learn all about that Company, get the information you want. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your place because when you are done viewing you will be brought right back here when you close the window. It’s important for us to supply you with quick, accurate and detailed information on topics you have interest in, or need of. What you will see here is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. We have hundreds more fine Companies we will be adding continually, as we develop this Page to its’ full potential Check back often and use us as your trusted resource for specialty and quality products for your home.

Urbane Building Materials Preferred Suppliers – Your Assurance of Quality

The Urbane Residential Group together with our network of approved home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and Vendors are dedicated to quality. Creating value and operating in a safe responsible environment for every single Client we work for, is equally important and a core value at The Urbane Group. We know how much these factors matter to all our Clients. Great Manufacturers from around the world are part of our home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and Vendors network. When you shop with us, you shop with trust. No exceptions. No question about it.

When you need products, supplies or information, just remember to use The Urbane Team of Experts as a valuable resource. Our 45+ years in business has earned us the trusted reputation of being the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for “everything residential,” including home improvement products Preferred Suppliers and Vendors. Get in touch with us for all your needs using the handy Online Inquiry Form button in the navigation bar… and… “Thanks A Million” for doing so!

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