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Building construction does not necessarily mean the construction of buildings. The domain is much more vast than that, and we use the phrase building construction to take in anything and everything residential that involves building something (such as a water feature for example), or the construction of something (such as a large retaining wall, for example).

On the other hand, it could also mean exactly what it says, ‘building construction’, meaning the construction of a building (such as a new Custom Home, Cottage, Winter Home, Shop or Garage, for example). So you see, although the phrase is condensed, it takes on different meanings in the construction world.

Many elements of nearly every type of building construction job, require permits. From interior renovations to exterior renovations, house building construction, landscape overhauls, enhancements and outdoor living spaces. Typically, permit ready drawings will be required for most building construction, not only to get the permits, but also to act as a blueprint for the work to be done.

Applying for Your Building Construction Permit

To avoid future problems and unnecessary stress we always follow proper protocol in our projects. We’ll take care of all negotiations and obligations with the City, or Municipality on your behalf and invoice you for time and disbursements.

As with anything built, compliance is critical, failing which, you may have to tear it down. If you are one of the ones that ‘doesn’t get caught’ doing a project without having a Building Permit, you may still lose out in the long run, because you might not be allowed to sell, or transfer title on your property later on when the time comes. Follow the rules and you’ll have no problems. As with everything – we’re here to simplify the processes and make progress flawless.

Final Details of Your Building Construction

Well, at last your dream is designed, budgeted, permitted, all the materials have been selected, everything is finalized and the Construction Contract is ready to be signed. We’ll go over it all with you, due to its’ complexity and detailed nature.

It is put in place for your protection, so that you know precisely what you are, and are not getting and, so that we know exactly what we are providing to you. It is also in place to define all the construction terms, parameters, terms and conditions, etc., many of which are legislated and out of both your control and ours, yet are required in the Contract.

Once everything is reviewed and explained, we all sign the document as required, get your deposit placed in our Trust Account and begin booking materials, equipment and personnel. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, usually within a few weeks, we’ve generally got everything arranged and in the process of ready to go.

We’ll also have a solid, finalized construction commencement date set up with you, barring any unforeseen delays, back-orders, or adverse weather, for example. Our key Field Personnel and Specialty Trades come out to your property for a full review and orientation of the Site, the drawings, plans, scope of work, utilities, access, permits, staging areas, demolition and waste disposal strategy and every detail of the job.

This gives them an opportunity to get familiarized with everything in advance and be able to match the drawings, to what will soon become the reality on the ground. Our Field Team Leaders will organize their Project execution strategy and prepare for one final project review prior, to commencement day.

Your Home Building Construction, Your Reno, Your Landscape – Our Team

Our veteran Building Construction Site Supervisors manage your building construction project site from start to finish and ensure that you get the highest quality work and craftsmanship.

Your Project Manager will meet with you as necessary throughout the construction process, either on site, or in our Office, as is fitting and situations warrant, to provide you with any updates, tours and details of the work in progress, additional material samples for approval, any revised schedules, or, for those who wish – to supply and discuss financial and accounting reports, as well.

Any and all changes, no matter how insignificant, to the project work scope from the original contract documents, including ‘unforeseen vices’, are properly recorded, priced, and approved in writing, on an official Building Construction Work Change Order document, prior to being scheduled and executed. No changes of any sort, verbal or otherwise are permitted at the Field level. They must all be communicated and come through our Offices for approval before they can be effected.

Your Project Manager will be your liaison and will deliver all authorized and approved Work Change instructions to the Field Teams for execution. This is your assurance of compliance and cost control. It also ensures the minimization or total avoidance of cost creeping and over-runs.

The Urbane Building Construction Group does not settle for minimums, and will never claim something is ‘good enough’ on any of our building construction projects. We take pride in all our work, and only use the best materials and Personnel throughout our building practice. 

Quality craftsmanship should be the most important element of every job, because quality is where the value enhancement lies, with every building construction project. When you start cutting corners, you end up losing the value that you are attempting to gain, resulting in a major net loss and much regret.

Building Construction Contract and Completion

Our entire Team comes together to get your building construction project done on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

At the end, your Project Manager will meet with you to do a walk-through and develop a written ‘punch-list’, which is a compilation of all observed unfinished items and noted deficiencies that need to be completed. You and your Project Manager will want to make sure it is thorough and complete, as our Field Teams use it for project completion, prior to the final inspection and close out of the work.

Upon completion of the items listed on the punch-list, your Project Manager will deliver the Warranty and close off the building construction project clearly, cleanly and to your full satisfaction.

With our single point delivery system, we maintain comprehensive quality control and responsibility from start to finish, for the delivery of your superb new home, landscape makeover, outdoor living space creation, out-building construction, or residential renovation.

Our Client’s recommendation of us to others is treasured, as it is the foundation of most of our new building construction business, our growth and sustainability. We look forward to welcoming you to our list of over 5,300 satisfied Clients – from all over the globe, since 1971 – and we sincerely thank you in advance for your business and the honor it will be, to serve you.

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