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First of all, welcome! You’re at the company divisions sector of Urbane International Real Estate & Architectural Design-Build Group of Associates. The Firm has 4 primary specialized company divisions.

Urbane Company Divisions Overview of International Real EstateInternational real estate, rentals and vacation properties is the first company division at our Firm. Secondly, Design & Architecture. Third, is Custom Home, Residential Renovation & General Construction sector. Lastly, is Outdoor Living Space, Landscape, Garden design and install.

Hence, all these at the Firm are integrated. With our leading-quality services and products, Urbane is equipped. Each, is synergistic with the other. All, are in alignment with client needs.

Primary Company Divisions Services Of Our Firm


Therefore, to sell or buy international real estate, have a new home designed & built, or an interior renovation done – Urbane company divisions fit and serve your needs better.

Urbane Company Divisions Overview for Custom HomesDivisions as diverse as the people who run in them. Yet, as unified as cinnamon oatmeal with milk for breakfast. Most noteworthy, is that we’re across Canada, United States & Mexico.

Finally, Urbane International Real Estate & Architectural Design Build Construction Group of Associates Inc., is the one stop shop for “EVERYTHING RESIDENTIAL.” Consequently, whatever the call, we’re here to answer. No matter the need, a specialist is available.

As a result, we’re qualified and available to help you buy, sell, design, build and manage. Our veteran, expert Teams skillfully handle everything related to your project – no matter what – no matter where.

Urbane International Company Divisions for Every Need

Urbane Company Divisions Overview for RenovationsEspecially relevant, is that when it comes to real estate, designing and building living spaces – inside or out – Clients need professional experience and guidance they can trust and count on.

Hence, URG’s Project Coordination & Client Care Teams both in the Offices and in the Field, work with you every step of the way.

They’ll ensure your experience is enjoyable, stress-free, on schedule and within budget. And, Urbane International Group nails the mark – every time. To support this claim, see what our past clients have written.

Urbane Clients benefit from an unparalleled group of career Professionals. Experts, who have been designing and crafting residential dream spaces – inside and outside – for over 4 and a half decades.

Urbane Company Divisions Overview of Landscaping ServicesLastly, since 1971, our Clients have come to enjoy the unification of indoor and outdoor living areas simultaneously, from the innovative inspirations we create.

And, it has all been made possible by our 4 synergistic divisions.

4 Main Company Divisions Featuring Hundreds of Residential Services

Most notably, we’ve got over 5,800 completed projects under our belts, varying from small to enormous.

From basic to elegant, constant consideration is given to the complex meld, in which our Clients live on and utilize their land.

Therefore, every project our diversified, experienced company divisions accept, is executed with care to exacting standards. Just as if it were our own personal project.

Urbane Company Divisions Overview of the Optimized Lifestyle Enhancement ConceptCall us toll-free from within Canada or the USA at: 1-855-5URBANE. Experience the Urbane Group’s 5 Star customer service.

Finally, enrich your lifestyle, net worth and un-drape your possibilities TODAY! Urbane International Group’s diversified company divisions are at your service.

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