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7 Stage Consultation Success System Protocol

You’ve got the dream pictured in your mind. You can see it, but aren’t quite clear on a few things. Many discussions have ensued with friends and family. Many suggestions have been made, some of which you like, some of which you don’t. Then one morning you awake and think to yourself, “Why don’t my husband and I book a consultation to speak with a professional. Maybe they can help pull it all together.

A friend has recommended The Urbane International Real Estate and Architectural Design-Build Construction Group because of the great experience they had on their custom home, landscape, gardens and outdoor living spaces. So you ‘Google’ them and land on this Webpage. After reading, you call the friendly Admin Staff at the nearest Urbane Office, and get an Office consultation appointment to discuss the development of your dream.

Explore the 7 Summarized Stages Of The UCG Consultation Success System & You’ll See Why We Never Miss the Mark

If this is your first time here, immediately, you might ask yourself, what is a Consultation Success System in real estate, or home design and construction? The UCG (Urbane Construction Group) Consultation Success System has a proven track record of unparalleled efficiency for Residential Real Estate, Home Design, Project Management & Custom Building.

From conceptualization to completion, #TheUrbaneTeamOfExperts makes the consultation, designing, project management and building of your dream home efficacious – inside and outside. Take a Moment now and and review how it benefits you, the client.

7 Stage Consultation Success System | Tested, Perfected, Proven, Effective

Be it real estate, a brand-new home, a renovation, a modern outdoor living space, a spanking new or renovated landscape – we eliminate guesswork, the chaos and simplify the complexity with the UCG Consultation Success System.

After we’ve briefly acquainted you with each Stage in the UCG Consultation Success System, you can easily get more information by clicking the handy link provided at the end of each Stage. You will be then re-routed to the applicable section of our Website, to get more detailed information.

Stage 1 in the Urbane Consultation Success System – Initial Phone Conference

The initial consultation in the Urbane Consultation Success System is a sort of pre-screening process, commenced on the phone. It helps us acquire general information about who the Client is, and also understand what they have in mind, or, what they are looking for. It gives both you and us an opportunity to chat and ascertain whether we are potentially compatible to work together, since not everyone is. During this conference, you’ll get to know us a lot better.

Once that’s a bit more defined, we’ll begin to zero-in on how we can help you with the Urbane Consultation Success System, what the scope of your project entails, prospective start date, preliminary budget, fees, and many other critical planning basics. During this first conversation, we will sometimes provide general professional advice as well. Usually, we’ll book an appointment for a formal consultation, at your property.

Remember, as professionals, we do this day in and day out. Our only goal is to completely prepare you for the exciting opportunity of taking part in your fully successful project, harmoniously together. We have no ulterior motives and therefore cannot leave any stone unturned. That’s why we ask so many questions. It is important for us to gain a clear understanding of your objectives, dreams and goals.

Every Client has different needs, therefore to get the maximum benefit from our expertise, it is important for our Clients to be very open and honest.

Stage 2 in the UCG Consultation Success System – Office Meeting & Consultation

We’ll need to get as much information from you as possible, to ensure we know exactly what your dreams, goals and aspirations are, for the investment you’ll make in your property. We cannot help you effectively, with only a part of the information, or parts missing. Read more on our Consulting Page.

After we’ve spoken in depth on the phone and upon deciding to advance, we’ll schedule a meeting at one of our Office locations. During this meeting, we’ll all sit down for a couple of hours and go over everything.

We’ll review the ‘wish list’ for your dream and from there we’ll compile a ‘love it’ and ‘hate it’ list, which will for the foundation for the design-work to follow. We’ll also take extensive notes so that an accurate Scope of Work document can be prepared. For the Urbane Consultation Success System to be effective, we must know your precise vision.

If you decide that you wish to work with our Firm, and we all feel compatible and excited about working together collaboratively, we will also complete and sign a Service Engagement Agreement. It is the document that contains our instructions from you, our Terms of Engagement and all there is to know from both you the Clients, and from the Urbane Group as your Consultation Success System Designing and Building Firm

Stage 3 in the Urbane Consultation Success System – Preliminary Project Budgeting

Usually there will have been some discussion regarding a proposed budget, price, or Project costs, at some point along the way, up to this stage. Many of our Clients have vast financial capabilities and price is no object, or they will not require the step by step process the UCG Consultation Success System details. They know what they want and will pay what it costs to get it.

For all Clients, regardless of their financial capabilities, we generally recommend a ‘cost plus’ scenario or ‘time and materials’ as it is sometimes referred to. This simply gives the Client more control and flexibility. The Urbane Group will procure whatever those materials or items are from our preferred suppliers, at the best price we can get them for, on our Clients behalf. These materials and items are charged back to the Client, plus, the cost of delivery, labor, installation, etc., at the prevailing rates.

Other Clients however, will need to work more within a specified, or a proposed budget amount. Often, these Clients don’t know the cost of things and therefore they rely upon us and the Urbane Consultation Success System, to assist them in building ‘budgetary guidelines’. When the many elements and details of a Clients dream Project are not yet hammered down and ironed out, this budgetary process is usually done by utilizing ‘allowances’. Typically, these ‘material allowances’ are derived from the discussions and resulting guidelines, our Client has set out.

7 Stage Consultation Success System Offers Seamless Budgeting With Precision

Although it does not offer the same unlimited elasticity of a ‘cost plus’ scenario, this approach still allows considerable flexibility for our Clients. As an integrated part of the UCG Consultation Success System, it facilitates them to be able to choose between desirous, yet different materials, or items with certain similarities, but within specified price points. It means the Client can choose a particular material or item, up to a particular retail price point ‘allowance’, without any negative side-effect on the proposed budget. Of course, if they go over the ‘allowance’ their end costs go up. Also, they do not enjoy the freedom of being able to make changes along the way without a ‘Work Change Order’ being put in place.

It is important to note that people without unlimited financial capabilities who try to work without a specific plan and set out budget, are just shooting in the dark and generally asking for trouble and disappointment. Once there is an agreed upon Plan and all the major materials are selected, we can then begin to talk about final pricing, prior to commencing construction.

Urbane Group’s 7 Stage Consultation Success System Delivers Work Scope Accuracy

All of the Project Management Staff at The Urbane Group make sure to take the appropriate time to get know everything about your project before we ever break ground. In so doing, it limits unpleasant surprises and shocks later on. It’s important to have as few changes as possible down the road, although any can certainly be accommodated on a Work Change Order – but they can sometimes be costly. Being certain of costs in advance helps eliminate unnecessary delays, confusion, anxiety, and stress for our Client and for us. We can only complete accurate pricing from an agreed upon Plan, Scope of Work and Budget and that is all part of what makes the Urbane Consultation Success System so effective, in all scenarios. Read more on our Building Services Page.

Stage 4 in the Urbane Consultation Success System – Site Meeting & Review

We’ll confirm an appointment time when both household partners can meet with our Consultants. This first meeting and initial communication is absolutely critical, if the UCG Consultation Success System is to be effective.

When we come out, we’ll walk the property together. In so doing, we will get a much more in-depth feel, on site for what we already discussed on the phone. Close attention will be paid to, and questions will be asked about your thoughts, plans, taste, style, concept, lifestyle, and how you will use your land.

Once we are familiar with the property, it’s important for us to sit down and thoroughly go over the details of your project. We’ll show you examples, answer questions, take extensive notes, and start to draft up a Scope of Work. All Urbane Pros operate by the proven UCG Consultation Success System, and yours will review and make suggestions about the ‘Dream List’ that you have for your property. We take our time with you, detail the entire process, discuss permits, architecture and engineering. Our experts educate and enlighten you with the knowledge, ideas and advice you’ll need for a successful, stress-free Project, thereby becoming another pleased Urbane Client in our growing list, over 5,600 long, since 1971.

As an added bonus, the professional fees we charge our Clients for this consultancy service is credited toward the upcoming Design–Build work. Read more on our Company Vision and Mission Page.

Stage 5 in the UCG Consultation Success System – Conceptual Design Rendering and Plan Drawings

Taking what we learned from our phone and field consultations, our Team of Design Professionals will develop a drafted preliminary Scope of Work for your project. After you’ve reviewed, updated and signed off on it, we’ll begin to create 3D conceptual walk-throughs first. This is all part of Stage 5 in the Urbane proven Consultation Success System.

Since not everyone can easily interpret 2D plans into the much more complex ‘3D real world product’, we’ve found thousands of times over that by providing our Clients with three-dimensional Concept Designs and perhaps a video walk-through of their project, we eliminate any guess work and confusion that frequently accompanies looking at 2D blueprints. After close communication, some reviews, and a short revision process, we move onto the construction plans, and permit-ready drawings.

Your project is soon to be one step closer to its completion, and being managed efficiently because of the proven Urbane Consultation Success System. Learn more on our Design Services Page.

Stage 6 in the UCG Consultation Success System – Material and Fixtures Selection

During our Design reviews, we’ll need to discuss potential materials for your Project, since the choices and costs are virtually endless. We’ll make suggestions based on our expertise together with the ‘wish list’ and the budgetary information you’ve given us. The Client is generally quite extensively involved in these selections, to eliminate any guesswork regarding their likes and dislikes.

This process is an important component of the UCG Consultation Success System and usually also saves our Clients disappointment, by avoiding options which are beyond their budgetary guidelines, or not on their ‘like it list’. Of course, our Clients can have any materials they wish, since it is their property after all, but in some cases, they will have to re-think their financial objectives if they choose more upscale finishing, materials, appliance packages etc.

Any subsequent changes to materials, in turn will also cause our cost estimates to be out of whack as well. In order to be able to deliver more precise budget amounts and to ensure the Urbane Consultation Success System works properly, it is critical to nail down all the material selections, prior to finalizing any cost estimates. Learn more on our About Us Overview Page.

Stage 7 in the Urbane Consultation Success System – Project Management, Construction & Completion

With a well laid out set of Plans in hand, a detailed Scope of Work, all the materials selected, an agreed upon budget, Permits arranged and tentative construction commencement date in place, all we have to do now, is to draft up the Construction Contract.

The Construction Contract is the covenant between our Client and us. It is provided to outline all the terms and conditions of our discussions, and agreements along the way, as well as written clarity, precision, definition and protection for the Clients. It is also the Clients instructions to the Office and our Field Construction Teams.

Without a written document, misunderstandings or disagreements could result later on, which could lead to dissatisfaction. Urbane Residential Group doesn’t want either and therefore we always play by all the rules, in everything we do, including providing a Construction Contract for our Clients.

We make sure it is well documented and detailed. We thoroughly review it with our Clients. Upon doing so, all parties sign it and receive a copy. At that point, we also get the required Procurement Deposit from our Client and place it in our Bank Trust Account. Material ordering and coordination begins, all the Trades are put in place, equipment and tools are lined up, Personnel are elected and orientated.

7 Stage Consultation Success System Benefits Everyone Through Clarity

Your Project Designer spends hours and hours going over every single detail, both in the Office and on Site, with our Project Managers, Foremen, Craftsmen and support staff. This is a critical time period in the Urbane Consultation Success System and the exercise is paramount to execute a successful, well-managed, time and budget-efficient Project. The time frame of this undertaking varies, depending on the size and sophistication of the Project, from a few weeks, to several months in the case of larger Projects.

Once confirmation is received on every detail and the whole Scope of Work is coordinated, all that remains is to build the Project. Because we have everything laid out and pre-planned in advance, the process is efficient, seamless, smooth and easy. Most importantly of all, it’s exciting! You will witness the efficiency of the UCG Consultation Success System as the conversion takes place.

Soon you’ll be enjoying your new or transformed home and outdoor living spaces. Indoors and outdoors synchronized, harmonized and homogenized. Urbane Clients always quickly become the envy of the neighborhood in which they live, largely due to the tried, tested, perfected and proven Urbane Consultation Success System.

Urbane Consultation Success System Ensures Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with the Urbane Consultation Success System – from start to finish. When all is said and done, we’ll proudly present you with your new front door keys, together with an industry-exceeding warranty. Read more in our Residential Home Improvement Blog Pages.

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