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Building a home is one of the most exciting experiences people dream of undertaking. But, where does one start? Which custom home builders Alberta does one choose?

Timeless Beauty | Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta Canada

How will you as the customer, ensure everything will be properly dealt with? Who will guarantee that nothing gets missed, shortcut or overlooked? What assurance will you have that everything will be in full compliance of Building Code?

So many factors have to be given consideration. Land usage, riparian rights, conservation, existing tree protection obligations, legal requirements, soil types, restrictive covenants, bylaws, survey, topography, elevations, engineering, drainage, design, architecture, style, budget, project management, scheduling, inspections and tracking are just a small sampling among dozens of elements that need to be considered.

Then, there are the requirements of the regulators, such as local Government, Municipality or City Hall.

The issue of surrounding neighbors – what impact will, or can they have? And, what about permitting and engineering?

Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta will remove all the burden and worry for you.

From our first meeting right through to delivering the keys, the Staff at Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta will be with you, delivering 5 shining stars of customer service and quality results.

Quality, Originality & Integrity | Setting Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta Apart

Continually we hear in the news, about some unsuspecting soul who got convinced by some unqualified ‘contractor’, into believing that permits, or engineering aren’t required for their project. These unfortunate casualties face a regrettable reality later on. Often facing fines or having to rip out that, which was illegally built and re-doing it properly is often the result.

Some custom home builders in Alberta are negligent in that regard. Others are not.

The fact of the matter is, all residential construction projects require permitting and engineering on some scale. The process for the proletarian can be overwhelming. To demystify all the complex components that enshroud building anything – every Project should start by requesting a consultation, with our Professionals.

The Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta Team will walk you through what needs to be done and will ensure it gets done!


The Urbane Residential Group together with their sister division The Urbane Construction & Design Group is dedicated to delivering outstanding dwellings to our Clients. Over our 45+ years in the residential construction business, we have perfected the UCG System For Success. We implement it in every project we undertake. This Company is on the cutting-edge of modern, sustainable living technology and practices. We’re constantly perfecting and upgrading residential living – both inside and out.

Whether it’s a modest home, or an extraordinary luxury palace estate, we’ll remove the stress and guide you confidently and comfortably through the process. Our group at Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta listen. Clients desires and dreams are collectively worked into shape. Those fantasies become reality – from conceptualization to completion. Urbane’s experts will work with you. We’ll ensure that no details are missed. You will get exactly what you want and have been wishing for.

Why To Choose Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta

The Building Standards set out by the Province of Alberta are among the highest anywhere in North America. We operate by them and comply with them to the letter. We’ll professionally prepare your home design. Scope of Work, house plans and permit-ready drawings are detailed. These will act as the operations guide for a perfectly executed project.

For the owner, visitors and snoopers alike, your design will give the property a great impression, once implemented and built. A flawlessly designed home with stunning gardens and immaculate grounds, is always the first thing people notice while in the area. Aesthetic and curb appeal are assured, as we integrate modern technologies that go well beyond any competition. This will  ensure your new home has lasting value. Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta works are never governed by the minimum standards.

As a one-stop custom home building, renovating and landscaping firm, we specialize in lifestyle, real estate and net-worth enhancement. We care about you. We listen. We deliver. We promise.

The Urbane Group cannot compromise the cornerstone of our unspoiled reputation. It was founded on quality, integrity and customer service, since 1971. Our success is arrives from quality, integrity and communication. Outstanding 5 Star Customer Service is a pledge – perfected over 4 decades.

Inspired by traditions and varied styles from around the globe, Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta bring a unique vision. An exemplary level of quality to everything we do.

As custom home builders in Alberta, our Designers compliment and inspire our Clients by taking their dreams beyond the imagination. Urbane custom home builders Alberta mold them into the future veracity. Our strength lies within the unsurpassed ability to guide Clients through a process. A route that is not always as fun and exciting, as it might have appeared at the outset.

Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta | Enduring Beauty, Unparalleled Quality

Urbane’s trained Pros create luxurious feels. We redefine spaces. We give life to places with no character. We utilize form, function, style and harmony to blank canvases. It’s a belief that every space has a function. Every person has a style. Every property has a form. Urbane designs are as unique as the people who create them. No two are alike. No carbon-copies. Their appeal lies in being genetically dissimilar. Among all the others, these are two more great reasons to choose Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta.

Most of our carefully selected Staff, Craftsmen and Sub-trades have been with us for many years. This lends itself to solidified relationships with meaning, integrity and depth. Everyone shares our corporate values and beliefs. We understand and contribute to a common goal. The care and quality of building practices we pledge and uphold.

Much of the quality that goes into our completions, lies within that, which you cannot and do not see.

That’s why, we are able offer the unparalleled warranty we do, on every one of our Projects. From below the ground on upward, we use only the finest available products, technologies and materials to create the stellar finishes we deliver. With absolutely no shortcuts.

All this combined with over 5,600 previous highly-satisfied, repeat Clients is what makes Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta a premium custom home builder and the premier choice.

Clients continually comment positively on the huge advantage of The Urbane Group being a full service, “one-stop-shop”. They love the fact that there’s no need to look any further for what they need. Everything the Clients’ project could possibly require is supplied under one roof. No exceptions.

An Urbane Client rests easy, knowing that every detail is being professionally and expertly looked after. Fully communicated and in categorical compliance with all ordinances, regulations and environmental stewardship.

With award-winning, veteran professionals and a unique approach to residential construction, satisfaction is always assured and guaranteed. Request A Consultation today.  You’ll be glad you did!

Dream Homes by Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta | Elegant, Stately, Original & Quality-built

Building a dream custom home is one of the most exciting experiences people can undertake. We work with you to ensure that no details are missed. You are going to get exactly what you have been wanting. Be it a modest well designed and unique home or an extraordinary luxury palace. The Urbane Residential Consult-Design-Build Construction Custom Home Builders Alberta Group is dedicated to delivering outstanding dwellings to our Clients. Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta have been honored with over 560 Awards for Excellence and Customer Service.

We integrate modern technologies and go well beyond our competition to ensure your new home has lasting value. We don’t work with minimum standards, and always produce a product that we can be proud of. A high-quality product that will withstand the test of time and enhance not only your lifestyle, but also your net worth.

With award-winning designs, veteran professionals, trades people, and our unique approach to each project, we guarantee your satisfaction with Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta.

An exemplary custom home building, renovation and landscaping Firm. Specializing in lifestyle and real estate enhancement.

The Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta Group is dedicated to delivering outstanding dwellings. Consulting, designing and building for Clients, for over 43 years gives us knowledge and experience. The Company’s leadership role has positioned the Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta Firm on the cutting-edge. Prudent practices and choices combined with a modern, sustainable living culture have aided Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta. Residential design and construction achievements, synergized residential living, inside and outside is what makes our Firm unique.

Urbanes’ diversified group of veteran professionals and tradespeople are a hand-picked, assembled team of consulting Architects, Engineers, House Designers, Constructors and Landscapers, fortified by a diverse group of superior support staff. Our group listens to the Clients desires and collectively we work to shape those fantasies into reality- from conception to completion. A primary benefit to our Clients, is that we are a full service, one-stop, residential consult-design-build new home Company.

And, we are mobile throughout not only Alberta, but all over western Canada. We also frequent the western seaboard of the United States. Our efficiency comes through self-sustained mobile Construction Camps moved in and set up on site. When the Urbane Custom Home Builders Alberta Group moves in, we’re there for the duration, 7 days a week – and – things happen!

Clients who use Urbane custom home builders in Alberta group reap many benefits. Visit our Facebook Page and Follow Us on Twitter to stay apprised on all that goes on within our custom home builders in Alberta Firm. General inquiries to Urbane custom home builders in Alberta division can be done through our easy Online Inquiry Form. When you have a question, or would like some additional information about Urbane Home Builders Alberta, just click the big orange button here to submit your inquiry.

Thanks a million folks!