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Customer Reviews & Client Satisfaction Testimonial Letters Received

In our continual quest for perfection and excellence, personnel have come and gone since 1971, and through the years the Company has undergone evolutionary changes, to become the great group of hand-picked professionals it is today. Along with that, we’ve developed tried and proven protocols, policies and terms of engagement. The Urbane Group has received hundreds of customer reviews & client satisfaction testimonial letters from highly-satisfied, repeat Clients.

The Urbane International Real Estate & Architectural Design Build Group has developed an unrivaled corporate culture of dedication, sincerity, caring, quality and exemplary customer service. This combined with our hand-picked Team of Professionals causes us to get many customer reviews and client satisfaction testimonial letters, which we are deeply honored by and very proud of.

Our Successes and Our Future Depend Upon Exceptional Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonials

As you will see below from this very small sampling of the customer reviews and client satisfaction testimonial letters we have received, Urbane Residential Group is dedicated to Client satisfaction. By consumer vote, we are the proud, but humble recipients of over 600 Design-Build, Quality and Customer Satisfaction awards, from around the globe.

We look forward to earning your business and welcoming you into our growing family of highly satisfied Clients and also receiving great customer reviews and client satisfaction testimonial letters from you and your family too.

From among the thousands of projects we have completed to date, over half are for repeat Clients. Our Team will endeavor to also earn your project a distinctive award, by demonstrating incomparable creativity, uniqueness, environmental compatibility and customer service, from initial inquiry, to first meeting, right on through till we hand over your Completion Certificate. In so doing, we are desirous of getting great customer reviews and a client satisfaction testimonial letter from you to add to our collection.

We sincerely thank you for visiting our Website and for bringing your business considerations to The Urbane Residential Group – a name synonymous with trust, dedication, passion, quality and distinction, throughout the International Real Estate and Architectural world. The reputation of our Group, the matchless mastery and an unparalleled home warranty is attached to every project we accept.

We hope you enjoy reading the following customer reviews and client satisfaction testimonial letters.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction Testimonial Letters From Past Clients

#1. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Terrence and Leslie Braun of West Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi Jen and guys,

We are sending this little note to express our total satisfaction and excitement with our new home. We always have to check the house number twice to make sure we are pulling up into the right driveway!

What can I say? It’s beautiful! I cannot believe it is the same lot. Compared to what used to be there previously it’s like we moved to a completely new location. The interior work is absolutely amazing. There is so much more room than the old house had and it’s so bright. Your designers did a bang up job of the entire layout of our new custom home, landscape and outdoor living areas. The carpentry, craftsmanship and workmanship in all respects is incredible.

We can’t believe our yard either!  It’s all so well laid out and utilized. The rock work and wood work are better than anything we have ever seen outside before! It reminds us of one of those fancy all-inclusive holiday resorts.  We can’t wait to have our family over to try everything out. Pretty sure that new Jacuzzi tub and the Fire Magic barby are going to get a lot of use. We’re looking forward to the summer with all the plantings and gardens in bloom and taking off.

What a wonderful investment we made in both you and our property!!!  Thank you to your entire team – a true collection of pros!!!!!!!!!!! Our sincere best wishes to you all for continued success. Contact us any time for a reference, as we would be delighted to recommend you to other people looking for a high quality company!

Terrence and Leslie Braun
West Vancouver, British Columbia

#2. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Douglas and Barbara Lavigne of Sayulita, Nayarit Mexico

Dear Jen, Richard, Allan, Bruce, and Mark,

As a retired CEO of a large international technology company, I have been particularly impressed and exceedingly pleased by the way all of your Staff has handled themselves, since the very first time we set foot in your Offices to discuss our ideas for our retirement home and Barbara’s specialty gardens.

In what sometimes has been, a most difficult situation, they have continually kept us informed, asked for input and have always been most diligent, as they continually searched for solutions that would work during this project. The level of high quality customer service and workmanship you all achieved and delivered is beyond belief. It has been equally unfathomable that no one from any of your Company’s teams attempted a shortcut, of even the most infinitesimal description.

Our new home, accompanying outdoor living areas and all the gardens are beyond our vocabulary to adequately describe. Therefore, I hope it will suffice for both Barbara and me to simply say thank-you for your amazing abilities in the residential construction field.

All this combined with your attentive care to our needs and queries will cause us to highly recommend you at every available opportunity.

Yours truly,
Douglas and Barbara Lavigne
Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

#3. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Stan and Millie Donovan of San Diego, California

Dear Jennifer, Alan, Richard, Bruce and Crew,

Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job on our acreage landscaping and outdoor entertaining area. We have spent many enjoyable hours outside this past summer entertaining our friends.  All of whom have complimented us on our remarkable yard.

We are thrilled with the outstanding design Alan, Diana and Joel did for us, and equally impressed with your construction teams and execution of the design at our property.  Great Work! Highly recommend you!

Stan & Millie Donovan
San Diego, California

#4. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Cindy Martin of Red Deer, Alberta

Richard, Bruce and Allan,

I will definitely strongly recommend your company and services to all of my friends, co-workers and family members.

The renovation you did on our home is incredible. We have so much more functional space now and we feel a lot more safe and secure.

Your business system and protocols are the best we have ever experienced out of all the residential renovations we have ever done. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We had no idea that we could deal with just one Company to get everything done – inside and outside! What an outstanding concept and team you have at Urbane.

With our sincere thank you, we wish you all the very best ongoing successes.

Kindest regards,
Cindy Martin
Red Deer, Alberta

#5. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Captain Kim Robertson of South Surrey, British Columbia

Dear Jennifer & the Client Care Team at Urbane,

It is a pleasure to recommend Alan White and his team members at Urbane Group. Experience, expertise, reliability, and strong ethical principles are critical to the success of any endeavor. I found all these qualities with Al from the moment I retained the Urbane company on my project.

A resume can always appear impressive, but what cannot be seen in or beneath the ink, is the true individual. That is where Al and his team of professionals stride well ahead of the rest. From the very start, it became apparent to me that this was a man of great integrity, who took great pride in his work and ethics for getting the desired results. There is no such thing as a nine to five work day with Alan. If he could not provide the answer, he would call upon his resources at The Urbane Group to come up with the needed support.

When others working on similar projects, were already at the golf course, Al was still there, conscientiously working for me, following every up on opportunity and detail, no matter how small, until he achieved success, where others had experienced only failure before.

Loyalty, ethics and success are not just words to Alan White and The Urbane Group. They are the tools and creation of their trade. By recommending them highly, I encourage you to discover for yourself what it means to have Al and The Urbane Group team in your corner.

Captain Kim Robertson (Air Canada)
South Surrey, British Columbia.

#6. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Dr. Robert and Marj O’Connor of Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Jennifer and everyone!

Well, we are all settled into our new home now and I thought I should send you over a note to express our happiness with your company and all who proudly work there.  And proud they should be!

Of the 8 new custom homes we’ve had built for us over the past 20 years, we have never encountered a firm that goes to the lengths you folks do. Both Marjorie and I are absolutely thrilled with our new property, from the front curb to the back fence and everywhere in between.

Although this new home build was my wife’s idea, I’m very happy she talked me into it. It’s always so refreshing when creating a new residence, because one can always give greater consideration to the things that we missed out on last time and incorporate them this time around. Both the inside and outside living and entertaining spaces that you created for us, are examples of absolute perfection for our needs and lifestyle. You guys nailed it all down beyond anything we could have ever imagined, with no detail unaddressed and no hassle for us.

Our sincerest thanks to Karine, Joel, Dianne, Elise, Allan, Richard, and all of your design team, as well as each and every one of your construction teams. They are all imaginative, artistic, skilled, courteous, considerate and true craftspeople.

We will most definitely be recommending you everybody we know – whether it is for a brand new home, or the amazing landscaping you create that goes with one!  Thank you again, to everybody at Urbane Design and Construction.

Dr. Robert and Marj O’Connor
Edmonton, Alberta

#7. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Mike and Tammy Smith of Atlanta, Georgia

TO: The Urbane Group, LLC
FROM: Mike Smith, CEO Smith General Contracting Inc.
SUBJECT: Sale of our Penthouse Condo in Nuevo Vallarta – Puerto Vallarta Mexico

To Whom It May Concern,

We would like to thank the entire staff at The Urbane Group Puerto Vallarta for a great experience with the showing and sale of our Unit. The entire process was professionally handled and went without any problems.

I would recommend The Urbane Group Team to anyone needing a very professional Firm to represent you in any international real estate transaction, whether it be buying, selling, renting or leasing. The entire Team surpassed our expectations in every respect, and I would personally use them again without hesitation and also, I highly recommend them without reservation. Thanks again.

Mike and Tammy Smith
Atlanta, Georgia

#8. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Jennifer and Mark Bynen of North Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Jennifer, Dianne, Elise, Richard,  Joel and team,

We greatly appreciate how you worked with us, right from the consultation stage when we had absolutely no idea of what our needs and desires were! You all did a great job and I am certain Dianne is the most patient and attention to detail person in the world. Your teams are real professionals.

You have transformed an unmanageable backyard, into our dream outdoor living space and we enjoy it immensely since our landscape makeover. My husband and I sit for hours watching the birds, butterflies and waterfalls and when we have guests over, they cannot believe that your creations were even possible. Amazing work! We made a great investment in our property and in all of you.

We’ll definitely be recommending you to everyone we know or whoever inquires. Thanks again to all who contributed to this outstanding success.

All the continued best,
Jennifer and Mark Bynen
North Vancouver, British Columbia

#9. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Karla Rivera of Los Angeles, California

Dear Urbane International Team,

I just wanted to send you a brief testimonial about my experience with Urbane International Group as I promised you because you are truly deserving of much more. But I hope it helps… 🙂

Meeting Alan White and the team members from the Urbane Group was one of the best encounters I could have upon arrival in Puerto Vallarta.

Not only was I trying desperately to find a home for myself and my 8 yr old son, I was trying to find comfort and peace in a new move to a foreign country. Alan in Calgary and his professional group of associates in Puerto Vallarta were so patient and did everything they could to not only give great options for my dwelling, but to give me wonderful advice on starting a new job, meeting new people in the area, and providing the safest and most financially efficient path for my new life in Mexico. The follow up and service was, and continues to be, impeccable. I can always count on Alan or one of his team members to be there for me and my family, in any given circumstance.

I am entirely grateful for his friendship and I know that he and the Urbane team will take care of anyone who may need help in Canada, the US or Mexico with real estate and residential architecture, in the future. It is because of all this that I highly recommend Alan White and the Urbane International Team, without reservation. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful to you for everything! You are TRUE professionals in every aspect of the word.

Feel free to have anyone wanting further information about the Urbane Group contact me at any time. Thank you soooooo much once again. I wish you continued success and all the very best in the future!

Very best regards,
Karla Rivera
Los Angeles, California

#10. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Myrna and Robert McIntyre of Grande Prairie, Alberta

April 16th, 2015

Hi Tom,

I just opened your email requesting a short customer satisfaction testimonials letter regarding our recent condo purchase in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and so I wanted to respond right away. In short, you guys were absolutely fabulous and we highly recommend you to others!

When Myrna went on your website and sent the inquiry, owning real estate in Mexico was only a passing thought in the back of our minds. After a bit of communication though, we actually got excited about it. When we arrived in Puerto Vallarta in late January for our vacation and met your Team, it all really started to pull together. What a beautiful place and all the people are just amazing! We would have never thought that we could become owners of property in paradise with so little hassle. In fact, aside from taking us out to show us the 2 condos you had it narrowed down to, we hardly had our vacation interrupted at all. Your property qualification system is superior to any we have ever seen before, and believe me, we have dealt with plenty of realtors here in Alberta and BC, buying and selling properties in the past.

Tom, I would highly recommend the Urbane International Realty Group to anyone who is looking for property in the Puerto Vallarta area! You, Jennifer, Melissa, Rogelio, Adela and Luis were all outstanding from first contact right through until we got our keys from the Notaria. Your knowledge, level of professionalism, communication and service both individually and as a team is exemplary!

Thank you so much to the Urbane group and their network of associates for all the dedication, hard work, and integrity. It has forever changed our perception of Mexico, the people and how things are done there. We couldn’t be happier with our investment and you all deserve a round of applause! Continued success.

Sincere best regards,
Rob and Myrna McIntyre
Grande Prairie, Alberta

#11. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Pamela Stevens and family of Edmonton, Alberta

Having only ever stayed in all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into when I decided to book a condo through VRBO and the Urbane Group for me and my family.
That being said, I can only describe this experience as a positive va-ca life changer! Right from the moment I started emailing Jen at the Urbane Group with my million questions about the property and expectations, to being personally greeted by Mr. Alan White when we arrived at the Taheima Condos, the Urbane Group have exceeded all my expectations.
The Taheima Condo property located in Paradise Village is beautifully maintained, very clean, and we always felt extremely safe. I was pleasantly surprised that the condo was already stocked with toiletries, a beautiful basket of fruit, coffee and even some beer and wine! So nice after a long day of travelling! Everything else you may need is near by and if you don’t feel like walking then take the Paradise Village shuttle or taxi.
My boyfriend and I (early-40’s) travelled with my daughter and her fiancé (mid-20’s), and their 4 month old son. We enjoyed our private dipping pool every morning and evening along with the community pool and of course the Playa Royal Beach Club. Our condo was a 2-bed, 2-bath with a huge living/kitchen area. More than enough room for the 5 of us!
There is lots to do in and around the Paradise Village area for any age. Vallarta Adventures is about a 5 minute taxi ride so if you want to do any tours are right there! We did two dive trips (Las Calatas & Mariettes) and the Rhythm of the Nights dinner show. Spectacular! Not to mention this property is located right on the beautiful El Tigre golf course.
Everyone at Taheima made us feel a bit like family and Mr. White was always available if we needed anything or had any questions. Manuel, was there everyday letting us know about his lunch and drink specials, however we never waivered far from his fabulous FISH TACOS! Best FISH TACOS we’ve ever had!! He also brought a mint plant just so he could make me mojitos AND he brought an extra plant for my mom to take home with her (she lives near by) because she mentioned she couldn’t find one in the area!
As I said before, every part of this trip exceeded our expectations. I will absolutely come back here with my friends and family again, as well as utilize VRBO and the Urbane Group for my other vacation prospects!
A huge shout-out to Jen and Alan! Thank You for everything!
Very sincerely yours,
Pamela Stevens
Edmonton, Alberta

Recommended for: People with Disabilities, Families with Young Children, Sightseeing, Girls Getaway, Tourists without a Car, Adventure Seekers, Age 55+, Romantic Getaway, Families with Teenagers.

#12. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Janet and Al Hasna of Salt Lake City, Utah

We had a wonderful time on our trip to Nuevo Vallarta. Jan & I want to thank Alan White for making it such a wonderful, special time for us. He met us at the airport and he certainly met our needs.
We ended up in a beautiful Taheima Penthouse Condo overlooking the golf course, that was clean, well stocked, and comfortable with two wonderful balconies. Alan was gracious and extremely helpful with any of our questions or needs. He went out of his way to make sure we were completely happy with our rental.
It was our pleasure to get to know him and his beautiful, gracious wife Maria. Janet and I highly recommend you using this real estate management firm.
Very truly yours,
Al and Janet Hasna
Salt Lake City, Utah
Recommended for: People with Disabilities, Families with Young Children, Sightseeing, Girls Getaway, Tourists without a Car, Adventure Seekers, Age 55+, Romantic Getaway, Families with Teenagers.

#13. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Maria San Vicente of Leon, Mexico

From the time we contacted Jen at the Urbane Group, until the time we went home, our experience in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, at Taheima was fabulous. We were met, greeted and transported from the Puerto Vallarta Airport to the condo, which was clean, well equipped and immaculate.
The Urbane client care team in Nuevo Vallarta were simply amazing! They got us settled into the condo and showed us how everything worked. There was a brand new 20 liter bottle of drinking water, toilet paper, shampoo, soap and all the basics all waiting for us there. Karina, Allen, Alfonso and Roger not only gave us a full guided tour of the whole area in Paradise Village, but also El Tigre Golf Course and all the surrounding areas. They took us to get our sports club membership and accompanied us to the fitness center and private beach for an orientation of everything. When they returned us to the condo they told us to get in touch if there was anything we needed.
When we did, they responded within minutes, unlike many other places we’ve stayed, because Roger, Alfonso and Allen live right there. Roger was at the door almost instantly whenever we needed something.
In addition to the exemplary customer service, this place was simply stunning. The infinity pools are the most beautiful we have ever seen in our lives, and the gardens, courtyard and Palapa are absolutely wonderful. We could get drinks and food right there on most days, except when Manuel had to participate with his young family in school events.
We highly recommend this place for people of all ages. Patricio, me, our son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren were all there for 6 weeks. We couldn’t have hoped for a better vacation experience. By far, the best vacation we have ever been on. We’ve already booked with urbane for 3 months in the winter of 2017 and can’t wait to get back to the sun, beauty and tranquility. The place is completely safe, well lit and there is something for every age. Near everything you need, yet off the beaten track and away from the crowds, Patricio and me feel the prices are a bargain for such a great vacation accommodation.
You won’t be sorry if you stay at this beautiful place, and you will be so glad you chose the Urbane International Real Estate Group to host you. They have it down to an art form!!! Highly, highly, highly recommended!!!
With our love,
Maria, Patricio San Vicente & family
Leon, Mexico
Recommended for: People with Disabilities, Families with Young Children, Sightseeing, Girls Getaway, Tourists without a Car, Adventure Seekers, Age 55+, Romantic Getaway, Families with Teenagers.

#14. Customer Reviews and Client Satisfaction Testimonial letter received from Normand and Pierre Lavigne of Montreal, Quebec

We were there as visitors only, but have been treated as real guests at the Urbane condo in Nuevo Vallarta. The staff was really charming, especially the manger Alan and his assistant Alfonso.
The condos were well equiped and very comfortable. Difficult to describe the pools as they were too nice and big!!
The surrounding place is named “Paradise Village” and it deserves his name. Everything is concentrated and well equiped with all services you can imagine, even a private hospital. The beach (you need a membership card) is terrific, with plenty of chairs and palapas available.
You can choose from many restaurants, they are all excellent and pretty cheap compared to ours. The mexican life is pretty cool and the peoples very frendly. All the accomodations are easy to reach by taxis or, better, by buses ( 75 cents to go to Wall Mart) no need for a car.
First you’ll negociate with Jen, lucky, she’s so sweet…. Then you will be met and treated like kings and queens by Alan and Alfonso. Do you think we’ll return??? FOR SURE…….
Sincerely yours,
Normand & Pierre Lavigne families
Montreal, Quebec
Recommended for: Families with Young Children, Sightseeing, Tourists without a Car, Age 55+, Romantic Getaway, Families with Teenagers.

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