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A Team Of Over 150 Top Professional Experts Equip Urbane Design Build

The Urbane Group is a diversified residential design build services and international real estate Firm. #TheUrbaneTeamOfExperts, with a global Team of over 150 expert professionals, we are well equipped to tackle ‘Everything Residential’.

We’ve patented and perfected the #1 residential Procure | Consult | Design | Build | Project Manage  ‘System For Success’ for local or international real estate, custom homes, renovations, landscapes, outdoor living spaces and gardens for our clients homes. To find out more, read on.

Residential Design Build Services From Urbane Residential Group

Every company has certain services they offer to potential Clients. Some also offer products. At Urbane Residential Group, we have compiled a residential design build services and real estate system overview for easy reference, of the various products and services that this Firm offers to their Clients.

Urbane is a highly diversified, yet very specialized Company.

Custom Home And Residential Design Build Service Divisions For Local And International Real Estate Holdings

In our 45+ years in business, we have worked very hard to bring “everything residential” in under one roof and make our Firm the one-stop-shop for our Clients.

Urbane residential design build services premier specialties highlight the effective usage of local and international real estate.

Consulting, custom home design, dream home building, project management, general construction services in Alberta, British Columbia, central Canada, western United States, Jalisco and Nayarit Mexico.

The Urbane Team has a collaborative, creative mind for unique and original outdoor living ideas, designed landscapes and garden features, which accentuate our residential design build services creations, on local or international real estate.

Residential Design Build Services Overview Summary

This residential design build services overview section of the Website, although undergoing renovations, is intended to give our visitors a brief glance at the Urbane Residential Group. Even though the Site is very detailed in many areas of our practice and fields of expertise, there is still nothing that beats human interaction. Therefore, we recommend you direct any inquiries to a Pro at our Offices.

You have likely noticed that our Website is very large, comprehensive and informative. It is our goal to serve you with the same customary 5 Gold Star Customer Service that we have done with over 5,600 Clients in front of you, since 1971. We welcome your inquiries as well as your business and we thank you in advance for considering us as your residential design build services and real estate Firm.

The Real Estate Component of Urbane Residential Design Build Services Overview

Urbane Group’s locations have been strategically chosen to be able to offer our clients the very best international real estate and residential design build services. Many of our Clients also own winter homes, recreational homes, vacation properties and investment properties. Those Clients involve us deeply. Read More

The Consulting Component Of Urbane Residential Design Build Services Overview

Plan for success. With some thoughtful planning you can ensure your project’s success before it ever begins.

From establishing scope and viability, to budget, schedule and team requirements the Urbane residential design build services overview can supply some guidance. Learn More

The Designing Component Of Urbane Residential Design Build Services Overview

Residential Architectural Design      Sustainable Living Design      Residential Interior Design      Landscape Architectural Design

The look and feel become familiar to you. We enable you to imagine day to day life in your new or redesigned home. The vision & design are translated into the language of construction to gain control over the inefficiencies of time and cost that you require. View More

The Building Component Of Urbane Residential Design Build Services Overview

Urbane Construction Group stands behind its work and guarantee’s you will be thrilled with the results. Top quality is assured, and our performance is of the highest level. Ask about our industry exceeding 3-7-12 New Home Warranty. Get More Info

Pulling It All Together | The System For Success Component Of Urbane Residential Design Build Services Overview

Over the years we have been exposed to many variables in the residential business. Everything from economic recessions to booms! As such we developed a ‘System For Success’ at the Firm. It is an integral part of our residential design build services overview and you can go to the Page about it and Learn About It

We’ve got a ton of help ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is ask. Urbane’s 45+ years of experience, knowledge and expertise is just what the doctor ordered for our clients.

Go ahead and get in touch with your inquiry. There’s no obligation, until you decide you want us to work with you. With more than 5,600 happy and satisfied clients since 1971, we’d be honored to add you to our growing list.

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