Fall Landscaping Tips

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After a summer of growth and constant watering, the needs of your garden change, as we move into the autumn season. Image 10 of Task Items Related to Fall Landscaping TipsLikewise, so does its’ appearance. Your garden can still look spectacular with orange, gold and rust leaf colors. But this is the time where we need to prepare for the winter ahead and forthcoming spring. Preparation that needs to be done before the ground freezes. The time shortly before your plants become dormant until spring. We’ve put together a few fall landscaping tips to help.

Fall Landscaping Tips For A Healthy Yard & Garden

Everyone is raking leaves in the fall. Often, people are not educated in the benefits or value of composting. As a result, they dispose of the leaves at the dump. Why? Well largely because, that is what everyone else does.

Image 2 of Task Items Related to Fall Landscaping TipsBy following a few fall landscaping tips and practices, each of us can become more Eco-friendly. Simple things, like making your own organic soil, puts you one step closer to sustainable living, as well. We’ve got another great article about sustainable garden ideas an practice, that might also interest you.

Easy To Follow Fall Landscaping Tips

  • Raking leaves is an important exercise. Despite the frustration of seeing new leaves piled up the next day, it’s important to rake the yard in the fall.
  • Proper composting, does depend on the grass and leaf types that are involved. You’ll want to have the right balance of ingredients.
  • Put simply, grass needs sunlight and air to breath. A covering of dead leaves smothers both.
  • Not attending to the fallen leaves in the fall often suffocates the grass, revealing bare and dead patches when they are finally removed.

Image 5 of Task Items Related to Fall Landscaping TipsHowever, research from Michigan State University is tells us that fallen that leaves are good nutrition for the soil when they decompose.

To satisfy the research, prevent bare patches and to give sunlight to the grass, you can mow over the leaves when they are crunchy.

This is deemed to be the best solution to fall leaves and is an important step in landscaping maintenance during this season.

Pruning And Other Often Forgotten Fall Landscaping Tips

  • It is crucial to ensure that your plants grow just the way you want them. Due to leaves falling off your trees, those plants can get choked out, if the leaves are left unaddressed.
  • Many trees need to be pruned ONLY in the fall. Pruning at other times of the year can stifle them. In some cases, it can kill them. In others, pruning at the wrong time of year can spread disease. An example is Dutch Elm disease.
  • Image 8 of Task Items Related to Fall Landscaping TipsIt may seem like a pointless exercise when the trees are more or less going to be dormant over the winter; however, there are numerous reasons for fall pruning.
  • When leaves have fallen, its gives you a chance to see shape and structure of the tree naked. Corrective pruning can then be done accordingly.
  • It will be easy to detect deadwood and diseased wood too, without any foliage on the trees.
  • You will generally also have an idea of what you want it to look like. Therefore fall pruning is when you have the best visibility.
  • Make sure to prune the dead branches too, so diseases and infestations can be prevented.
  • You can get many more fall landscaping tips from local Arborists. Landscape companies, like Urbane Landscapers, can be a big help if you get stumped.

Fall Landscaping Tips Are Endless

Image 7 of Task Items Related to Fall Landscaping TipsFall is also a good time to plant your bulbs. That’ll give them a jump-start.

They will pop up in early spring so there is less need to purchase the beautiful colored plants when the early spring has arrived.

Garden Centres tend to have a lot of great sales you can take advantage of during the autumn. Demand is not as high.

Nurseries and Garden Centres are also a great place to gather fall landscaping tips as well.

They usually have an excellent Horticulturalist on staff.

Tulips, Crocuses and Daffodils are always up there as favorites.

If you have any fruits and veggies remaining in your garden, you need to gather these before the cold frosts beats you too it.

These harvested bare spots give you the perfect spot to plant some spring bulbs for early season color.

Practicing A Few Good Fall Landscaping Tips

While spring and summer are deemed to be the best times for most landscaping, reality is, that it is a year-long process.

Image 3 of Task Items Related to Fall Landscaping TipsHaving your garden stand out from the rest, means planning ahead. To properly and efficiently do that, maximizing those cool fall months preceding winter is critical.

  • Utilize leaves, cuttings and organic matter to their full potential in making new soil.
  • Prune your trees for health and to look or grow how you want them to.
  • Planting spring bulbs in the fall, will put you well on your way to having a garden that stands out above the rest.
  • Following a few simple fall landscaping tips and a bit of year-round maintenance, makes the effort worthwhile.

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