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We have an exciting and comprehensive international real estate for sale section being developed for our Website. This area is general information only. We’re working on it continually to keep it fresh and updated! Our primary goal is to get current information about international real estate for sale out to people in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Latin America and Europe, who are searching for an above average Team of Real Estate experts to work with. #TheUrbaneTeamOfExperts (on Facebook) want to be your choice!


International Real Estate For Sale Offered By Urbane Global Realty & Associates

To get us going in that direction, we have this under construction page, which is fully functional, for your convenience. More sections are being added daily.

Just so you know, we handle specialty residential real estate for sale throughout the Western hemisphere, for people interested in buying, selling, renting or leasing. Our international real estate for sale team in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is here to fully serve you during these ongoing Website upgrades.

To make it easy for you to get all the information you need about international real estate for sale, we have included an online Real Estate Inquiry Form. You can use it to make an inquiry regarding international real estate for sale or other topic, in the region of your interest. If we don’t have the information you need at our fingertips, we’ll sure get it for you with the help of our 150,000+ professional real estate associates, worldwide. We are even going to try to hook up with Mr. Donald Trump and his Real Estate Associates to give us even broader exposure, because apparently, he is going to “Make America Great Again!” If achieved, the Americans will once again be able to afford to spend some money on Urbane Real Estate Group’s international real estate for sale.

Below is just one example Link, out of our hundreds of international real estate for sale listing advertisements. The Link will take you to an actual exquisite Urbane Puerto Vallarta Residential Condo that we have listed for sale and are advertising, in the suburb community of Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico.

Urbane Residential Group’s powerful and wide-reaching marketing capabilities is achieved in part, by utilizing over 350 Partner Websites from around the world, as needed to promote international real estate for sale on behalf of our Clients in Canada, the USA and Mexico. And of course, also to introduce our services at the Firm, to our potential buyers and others who wish to sell, buy, rent or lease.

If you are looking for international real estate for sale in Mexico or elsewhere in the western hemisphere, or you have real estate that you need to get SOLD, contact our veteran Team of experienced international real estate experts, for RESULTS!

Puerto Vallarta International Real Estate For Sale

Stop for a moment and consider this. Invest in a top quality home inside a golf course, by the beach or on Puerto Vallarta’s downtown. Or perhaps a condo with a frontal oceanview that will make your eyes moist with the beauty of every sunset.

Or maybe a winter home, a stable revenue producing investment or recreational property. Perhaps it’s a tropical place to live and enjoy retirement. Having great international real estate for sale is where it all begins. And, we’ve got lots of that!

Perhaps rent it first to see how you like it. Maybe for a season or even a year or two. Perhaps you are more savvy and want to buy to make rental revenue off of it. Come and enjoy time off from your bone-chilling winters in ways you couldn’t imagine. Now that’s the dream right? Well, we wake up every day and make those deals happen. Just let us know what sort of international real estate for sale you are interested in and we’ll work out all the details, whether it’s an outright purchase, a rental with the option to buy, or just a simple residential tenancy rental. The Urbane International Real Estate Group can facilitate whatever your needs may entail.

The beauty of it all is that the international real estate for sale in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit is extremely diverse. There’s a perfect match for you that will fit your budget, your eye and perhaps even fill your wallet! Our promise, is that we will find the appropriate international real estate for sale for you, whether it’s in Puerto Vallarta, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or New York! And we enjoy doing it. It’s what we do for a living. International Real Estate for sale is what we do best.

If an investment is not your way to go, then consider living in Puerto Vallarta permanently. Handle your business from here. Retire in Vallarta. Or, enjoy your family time in Bucerías, Sayulita or Punta de Mita. The assortment of our international real estate for sale listings facilitate just the right pick for you. If we don’t have what you need we will surely find it for you. Our access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) means that any international real estate for sale on the market is at your disposal, no matter where in the world.

Finding The Right International Real Estate For Sale

Us helping you finding the right international real estate for sale starts by getting to know you, your lifestyle, what your passions are, your needs, your tastes and what you expect. From there on it’s all pure magic. We will make sure you get what you desire and live the lifestyle you have worked all your life for. Banderas Bay in the Riviera Nayarit is a hidden jewel that well mimics the French Riviera. When going to the south the more beautiful and unique the beaches become.

On the other hand, the north part of the bay is more like Miami Beach, with amazing golf courses, many developments and high rises. But much better because you are in supernatural Mexico! The closer to get to Punta de Mita, the more lavish, luxurious and expensive becomes the international real estate for sale. Recently, the Bill Gates Group purchased the diamond rated Four Seasons, lock, stock and barrel, and we are told he is looking for more international real estate for sale in metro Puerto Vallarta to invest some more of his fortune.

Plus, there is always something going on at the Malecón, if you do get tired of looking at the amazing international real estate for sale properties in the Puerto Vallarta suburbs. Go for a stroll. Check out the Shops. Grab some lunch. Or have a refreshing drink in the nostalgic and historic area, while enjoying an average of 340 sunshine days with daytime temperatures of +26 Celsius.

It is just about impossible for you to get bored if you decide to purchase international real estate for sale from the Urbane Real Estate Group in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Adventure, sight-seeing, water-sports, bird-watching, aquatic-life, sun, sand, and smokin’ hot bodies on the beaches await you! And if that doesn’t get you excited, Puerto Vallarta and area is home to some of the finest restaurants on the planet. Easily comparable to those in Vancouver, Toronto, L.A., Chicago or New York. Metropolitan Puerto Vallarta is just one, but the core, of the many places we handle international real estate for sale.

Keep Abreast Of The International Real Estate For Sale With An Architectural Design Build Option

And, we have even more good news! If by chance the dream or retirement home in paradise that you have wanted all your life is nowhere to be found, we can always resort to designing and building it for you! How you ask? Because we are also an architectural residential design and build company. Check out all the other sections of our Website and our Facebook Page as well, for fine real estate, architectural design, custom homes, renovations, landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

We are the ‘one-stop-shop for ‘everything residential’ including expertly handled international real estate for sale. Visit the rest of our Website and you’ll see for yourself. International real estate for sale is just the tip of the iceberg at The Urbane Group in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Bellingham, San Diego, Phoenix & Puerto Vallarta. We look forward to serving all your local real estate needs, or whatever international real estate for sale you want to buy, or sell. Contact us for every need!

The Contact Us button below will take you to our online inquiry forms page. There you will be able to make a detailed online real estate inquiry. Or any other inquiry for a variety of descriptions. If you have a question, or would like some information about international real estate for sale, or other real estate topic of interest to you, feel free to use it. Thanks A Million – we look forward to being of service!

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