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Landscaping Homes Is An Art Form That Urbane Excels At

Your residential landscaping project doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming. Whether you’re completing a landscaping makeover to an existing yard, or landscaping for new home construction, we’ll give you a summary of what to expect.

From Xeriscaping in exceptionally dry climates and areas to Aquascaping in wet ones, our group of professionals and associates has the landscaping experience and solutions you need. That’s why we’ve been trusted by more than 5,500 happily satisfied past clients, since 1971.

Landscaping your yard is broken down into two significant phases – the landscape design (planning and layout) and the landscape construction (the building of it).

Landscaping Design

The landscape design phase consists of getting together to complete some research.

At that meeting we’ll do some idea gathering and preliminary planning. During this phase, the Client, will work closely with our Landscape Designer or Architect.

These specialists are professionally trained and specialize in the domain of residential landscape design. Jointly, we’ll address all the design considerations.

Important factors, such as the desired usage and purpose for your yard need to be clearly determined.

We’ll discuss and identify the features you’d like included and which landscape style is to be utilized.

The landscaping design phase concludes with the Client getting a fully completed Landscape Master Plan.

That landscaping plan is the ‘blueprint’ for what has been decided upon and what is to come.

It identifies all the locations and various zones, as well as hardscaping materials, the various Outdoor Living features, such as an Outdoor Kitchen, for example, and of course all the plant materials together with the layout of them, illustrated in a Planting Plan.

Landscaping Construction

The landscape construction phase consists of the actual building of the new landscape, based on the Landscape Master Plan.

Most independent landscape designers will sub-contract out all the construction work to a landscaping construction contracting company who’s specialty is in residential landscaping.

Often, on simpler projects, one landscape contractor will complete all of the construction installations.

On more sophisticated and complex landscaping projects, often numerous specialty trades and sub-contractor companies will be involved, each specializing in a different domain.

At Urbane Residential Group, a skilled, veteran Project Manager will be assigned to your landscaping project to oversee everything and report to you the Client.

During the landscaping construction process, our landscaping designer, project manager and all our landscaping contractor Specialty Trades will work together closely.

It is paramount to fulfill the Client’s dream and breathe life into the landscaping design master plan, which was created during the landscaping design phase.

At the end of the landscaping construction and cleanup phase, all installed elements will be tested to ensure all perform according to the manufacturers specs.

At this point, your yard and property will have undergone a transformation from its old condition to a new dream space that is ready for you to enjoy as you entertain family and friends.

A landscaping project can seem daunting, but it does not have to be.

The Urbane landscape professionals have a tried, tested and perfected process in place, to remove the stress and worry for you.

Sometimes it is referred to as ‘Analysis and Inventory’. Essentially, all this means is analyzing what you have to work with already and what new additions you want or need to add.

The Urbane Landscaping Designer will aid you greatly by breaking it all down into 7 main landscaping category considerations. Using these as the rough template for your landscaping design planning will get you on your way easily and efficiently, saving both time and money.

Plus, the added benefit is that it will give you the precise yard you’ve wanted and always dreamed of having

Property Landscaping for Purpose and Usage

Before beginning a landscaping project, one of the very first things to give consideration to, is how you wish or intend to use the outdoor spaces. You, the client, together with the Urbane Landscaping Designer will determine the desired purposes of your ideal yard.

Factors that are frequently given consideration are Form, Function and Style. These categories will identify a number of factors. All of them need to be considered carefully, whether or not they will all be utilized, before making any additional landscaping decisions. A summary of the outdoor spaces considerations should include the following…

  • Entertaining family or friends
  • Barbequing, cooking and dining
  • Swimming or Hot Tub Spa
  • Children playing
  • Hard-working adults relaxing
  • Growing your own food, or gardening for folks with a passion and Green-thumb

Landscaping for Adults, Children and Pets

You’ll also need to consider who will be using the property. It makes no sense for example to involve a lot of time with play area planning, if there are no children at home. So, who will be using the space? Will your landscaping require areas to accommodate young children? What about pets?

Or, will it be largely a retreat for adults or area for outdoor entertaining? Very often, children and pets govern and dictate some of the landscaping decisions to be made.

Environmental and Climatic Considerations in Landscaping

Together, we’ll need to ‘take an inventory’ at your property. We’ll want to give consideration to some of the property factors, such as…

  • Where are the sunny areas and how will these be used?
  • Where are the shady areas and how will these be used?
  • What Views does the property have and how will these be showcased?
  • Where do the prevailing winds come from and how will be overcome these?
  • How does surface water act, flow and drain on the property? What considerations do we need to give?
  • What non-negotiable Control points need to be considered in the landscape design? (e.g. Grades, existing trees, doorways, driveway, etc.)

Working with Soil Types Nutritional Values in Landscaping

Some attention for your landscaping needs to be paid to your soil types and the nutrient values of it. You’ll need to know that the soils on your property have the appropriate nutrients to support and grow the plant materials you wish to have an ultimately select.

The soil type, which could be sandy, clay, black loam or rocky, will govern which plants you can grow and where. Your Urbane Landscape Designer can complete some soil tests so that the Landscape Construction Team can amend the soil as required.

The Planting Zones in Landscaping

Another key factor to consider in selecting your plants are the planting zones.

The planting zone in which you live is largely determined by climate conditions, such as extreme cold or heat, together with rainfall and growing season. Having knowledge of your planting zone will determine the plant materials you should or can select.

Again, your Urbane Landscape Designer can be instrumental in this process and can help you select plants that are appropriate for your planting zone location, thus making it much more likely for them to survive and thrive.

If you are curious about your planting zone, you can visit the online guide at the National Gardening Association.

Landscaping for the Hydro-zones

Part of what plants you will be using will undoubtedly be determined by the behavior of surface water in your yard.

In areas where water tends to collect or pool, you will want to select and group plants there that need, or are resistant to a lot of water, such as various cultivars of Willow, for example.

If there are certain areas where water drains quickly on the other hand, you’ll want to select and do plant groupings that like or are resistant to dry conditions, such as various Cacti, for example. This process is commonly referred to as planting in accordance with your property hydro-zones.

Landscaping and Styling the Gardens

What about the aesthetic appeal and style of your landscape and gardens? Serious thought and consideration needs to be also given to the interior and exterior style of your home. We need to create synergy, a symbiotic relationship and unity between the indoor and outdoor living spaces in your landscaping.

The best plan is to create  outdoor spaces to reflect your desired lifestyle, your personality and your needs. Create an environment that makes you feel relaxed and happy to be home. Some inspirations can be found at this Link, Garden Styles. There you will find a taste of ‘water’, ‘modern’, ‘cottage’, ‘Japanese’, and ‘desert’ to give you some guidance and inspiration.

Designing Your Landscaping to Fulfill the Dream

Get some ideas for the purpose, features and style of your landscaping from books, magazines or perhaps the internet

  • Complete the Urbane Landscaping Design questionnaire and give it to your Urbane Landscape Designer
  • Give some thought to your financial comfort level and a rough budget for what you wish to have done
  • Arrange an Office meeting with your new Urbane Landscape Designer
  • Organize a Site Consultation with him/her to complete a Site Assessment
  • At the preliminary planning meeting, be open, honest and transparent, to ensure your success
  • Plan for having several design review meetings
  • Approve and sign-off on the final Landscape master plan

The Landscaping Construction and Installation

  • Based on the Landscape Design Master Plan, make adjustments to your budget
  • Plan for the demolition and removal of unwanted and unnecessary items in your yard, as this is messy
  • Grading is messy but essential to ensure proper drainage and the marriage of hardscapes with softscapes
  • If there is going to be a Swimming Pool, there will be a lot of excavation and construction
  • We’ll have to run in all the underground utilities, such as sub-surface drainage pipe, water, gas and electricity
  • It’s a good idea to install an automated Irrigation and Fertilization System to care for all the Plant Materials
  • Construction could include retaining walls for bank retainment and the harmonization of grade changes, seating, etc.
  • Another major undertaking is the construction and installation of the additional hardscapes, such as Patios, Pathways and Decks

We’ll perfect the installation of the outdoor living elements, such as Outdoor Kitchens, Lighting, Fire-Pit, Play-Set, etc., as well

  • After all that is done, now comes the Planting – the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak – together with all the softscapes
  • With the installations completed, everything related to the systems will now be tested – Irrigation, gas and electric appliances, etc.
  • Lastly, comes the final clean-up, walk-through with the Client, Punch-List preparation and fine tuning

Landscaping Information

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