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A Guide To Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate

First off, one might ask themselves, “What causes me to love what I do?” The simple one-word answer is passion. Passion takes on all forms. It doesn’t discriminate, nor exclude specific life-sectors. Everybody has at least one passion, in each domain of their daily lives. In sports for example, it might be baseball. At home, it may very well be cooking. During leisure hours, photography could be ones’ strongest desire. In career life, the drive might be to rank as #1 in Nuevo Vallarta real estate.

Therefore, whatever it is; usually the passion for a particular activity is fueled by the desire to excel at something one enjoys. In my own case, the strongest passion is to help people. Consequently, that desire to excel has driven me to become at the top, in the Nuevo Vallarta real estate business. Especially noteworthy, is the fact that full-spectrum personal reward is part of my compensatory package. Fulfillment, comes from the satisfaction of helping people every day, while earning an above-average income at the same time. These are the results, from my own personal career passion. Of course, each individual is different, but there is a commonality thread, nonetheless.

Common Misconceptions About How Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Works

Image 11 of Factors Affecting Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Property ValueOne of the most common statements I hear when a real estate owner, seller, buyer or renter calls our Offices is; “I am not sure I can afford your fees, but I have some questions, and I need some help.”

The truth of the matter is that, you probably cannot risk being without professional representation. Nuevo Vallarta real estate, like any other, is not all that complicated in itself. However, there are potential pitfalls, which need to be avoided. Unfamiliarity in a foreign country and market are among the top two of those.

First of all, understand that Nuevo Vallarta real estate realtors (and most others also) are not paid by you, the buyer (or the renter, as the case may be). Although each situation is different, most of the time, the real estate agency is paid by the property owner or seller. For this reason, our fiduciary responsibility as professional Realtors lies with him or her. As a result, the main task we face is to get top-dollar for the property owner or seller.

Second of all, responsibility lies with getting you, the buyer or renter, the best possible deal in your transaction also. As some say, “The biggest bang for the buck.” With that said, also understand that a primary role as Nuevo Vallarta real estate agents is for us to bring an seller (owner) and buyer (or renter) together, in a successful transaction. Otherwise, we as Realtors, get nothing, except a handful of bills, a story to tell and some more experience in the real estate business.

The Myths Surrounding Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Debunked

Consequently, there is a delicate balance that is arbitrarily put into place. The requirement to fully satisfy the needs of both the seller and the buyer, is what usually gives us Nuevo Vallarta real estate agents a paycheck. But, the question remains, how can any Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent, like me for example, possibly fairly and equitably represent two different parties at the same time? Isn’t that like a double-standard, or a conflict of interests? The short answer is this. Not necessarily so, if all parties have had full, complete disclosure and understanding, going in.

Especially so, when I am working with first-time home buyers (and tenants), there is a bit of nervousness. These jitters, result mainly from lack of knowledge or inexperience in Nuevo Vallarta real estate. Therefore, it’s important for people to generally understand the process. That’s my sole reason for writing this article. In alignment with my passion to “help people,” I found it necessary to deliver some clarity to the whole topic. And so, with pen in hand, I’ve set out to explain how we Nuevo Vallarta real estate agents, for the most part, work.

Keep in mind, that I am also a veteran real estate consultant, who’s been in the real estate business for over 34 years. As such, although still I fit within the parameters set out below; I also frequently get paid from other, non-typical ‘consulting‘ activities. I’ll include a bit about that later on.

Some Important Facts In Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate

According to the International Association of Realtors (our Brotherhood), 93% of both domestic and foreign buyers, used a Nuevo Vallarta real estate, or area agent, when buying a property in metro Puerto Vallarta Mexico. By the same stats, 97% of property owners in that area also used a Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor, to sell their property. Based on these statistics, it’s quite obvious that the great majority of people work with Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtors, every day.

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Of particular importance, is the prediction that the “Gen Y” homebuyers will be entering the Nuevo Vallarta real estate market with a bang, during the next few years. Consequently, this equates to a huge influx of home buyers entering the Nuevo Vallarta real estate market (and others) for the first time. Most of these people have no idea what a Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor actually does, or how they get paid. Therefore, a misconception is the end-product.

A Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Case Study

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting and subsequently working with a retiring Canadian couple. Their interest was in finding a condo in Nuevo Vallarta. They were not well-travelled, but due to arthritic conditions, could no longer take the severe Alberta winters. Since both were of retirement age, they decided to explore golden year possibilities in Nuevo Vallarta real estate.

However, they had no idea about buying a home in that marketplace. Particularly important, is the fact that they have only ever owned one home in Whitecourt Alberta. Neither one, had ever bought or sold a Mexico property. As a result, the couple had many questions when I met them.

They had been looking at Nuevo Vallarta real estate online for a couple of months. Consequently, they were finally ready to get serious about foreign home ownership. One of the first questions Julie asked when she called our offices was, “How much do we have to pay you to help us find a home?”

This is a very common question for first-time Nuevo Vallarta real estate buyers, both foreign and domestic. When I gave them the answer, they were both so relieved.

How It All Works In A Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Transaction

The reason is simple and here’s why. In nearly all Canadian, American and Nuevo Vallarta real estate transactions, the seller, typically pays ALL the real estate fees. Therefore, as a home buyer, you can choose the real estate agent to work for you, at no expense. The exception of course being, single-agency representation, which I shall go into more detail about, a bit later.

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Especially noteworthy, of course, is understanding that YOU WILL have expenses related to your Nuevo Vallarta real estate transaction. However, realtor fees are typically NOT among those. In the majority of real estate transactions, the property owner or seller pays the Realtor fees. The reason is because he or she hired the Realtor to sell or rent his or her property, in the first place.

Therefore, he or she is considered ‘the employer’. As a result, the onus is upon him/her to pay ‘the wages’ of the real estate agents involved. A potential buyer is simply the facilitator in a Nuevo Vallarta real estate sale happening. Therefore, he or she does not pay the Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor’s fees.

Single Agency Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Representation

With that stated however; there is also another possible engagement scenario. It is called ‘Single-agency’ representation. Sometimes, it is referred to as ‘Buyers-agent’ representation. In this scenario, you (or any potential buyer) would DIRECTLY hire a Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor, like me for example. My role then becomes to exclusively represent YOU and no other, in the real estate transaction.

In this arrangement, YOU would be responsible for ALL my fees, related to your Nuevo Vallarta real estate transaction. The advantages to this technique are many. However, often they are not recognized, or, used to their full potential. Again, this is because of lack of knowledge and inexperience related to the buyer.

First of all, YOUR and yours alone, best interests are solely represented through a ‘Single Agency’ Service Engagement Agreement. Full disclosure, is made to all parties beforehand, as is required by our governing Code of Ethics. Compliance requirements are set out therein, to ensure complete transparency and honesty. All parties are made fully aware that your Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent, no longer maintains the “owner” fiduciary responsibility.

How Your Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Agent Performs For You In Single Agency

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Instead, in essence, your Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent becomes your ‘hired-gun’. Consequently, you get a professional negotiator who works for you and you alone. My job, as your Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent, then becomes grinding out the very best possible deal, terms, conditions, price, inclusions, etc., on the property, for you and you alone. In this engagement, little or no regard is given to owner or seller’s needs.

Second of all, since you have hired and are paying me as your Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor directly, my responsibility and loyalty now lies, with you and you alone. As a result, the owner or seller pays nothing to the ‘Buyers Agent’. And, in fact, the owner or seller gets a rebate on what would normally be the selling agents’ portion of the total gross commission payable. Hence, since I am now NOT being paid by the owner/seller, I no longer maintain the obligation of representing him, first and foremost.

Sometimes, this is not a popular position for your Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent to be in with owners, or, other Nuevo Vallarta real estate people. However; this representation is the best YOU can possibly have! Plus, you end up with EXACTLY what you want, with no compromise.

The Importance Of Knowledge In A Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Transaction

For foreign or even local home buyers, the foregoing is all very important information.

There are many steps in the home buying process. Hence, knowing your options in advance makes the most sense. And, finding the RIGHT Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor is crucial, as soon as you are ready to pursue foreign home ownership.

Consequently, in the first scenario, my services are free to you. As a result, you might as well use them to their fullest potential. Ask as many questions as you feel necessary. Do all this, BEFORE you sign the OTP (Offer To Purchase). As your Realtor, I have a responsibility to both you, and the owner or seller. But, in this arrangement, remember this – my obligatory requirements lie firstly with the seller, and secondly with you, as buyer – even though you are my client.

Profile Snapshot Of Your Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Realtor

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A professional full-time Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor looks at homes every day. He or she is not a novice, part-time, or hobby practitioner. He or she, just as I, has an acute passion to help people achieve their real estate goals, desires and needs. I have seen thousands of homes and condos at this point in my career. Passion has committed most high-quality Nuevo Vallarta real estate agents (and certainly it has for me), as life-long, successful career people, not part-timers. Our knowledge of the industry and Nuevo Vallarta real estate market is invaluable, to foreign and local clients, alike.

In the second scenario, called ‘Single-Agency’ or ‘Buyers Agent’ representation, YOU bear the costs. In return for that expense, you enjoy having a distinguished, professional Nuevo Vallarta real estate practitioner, (me) represent you, and YOU ALONE, every step of the way. For this representation, you typically pay an hourly or lump sum fee. The fee amount depends upon what is agreed to at the outset. Usually it is based, on the degree of expected difficulty and time it will take, to fill your order.

The Bumps And Bruises Of Being A Realtor In Nuevo vallarta Real Estate

Lastly, in single-agency representation, owners and sellers have called me many nasty names, since I began my career in 1982. Especially so, when I bring them a low-ball OTP (Offer To Purchase). Or, when constructively criticizing their property, thus justifying that lower than desired offer. The reasons for this are obvious. They feel like they are being insulted, pushed or goaded. And, in essence, they are, to some degree. That’s what you hired me to do. Therefore, I fully expect in advance, to encounter some bumps, bruises and abrasions along the path.

However, with some rapport building, technique and explanation along the way, nearly all MOTIVATED sellers understand my position, after they overcome their initial anger. Moreover, it is all part of the business. My passion to rank among the best as a Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent, keeps me resistant to insults and emotional bruising.

Personal Factors Governing Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Transactions

Emotional Component of Buying Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Pictogram ImageFinally, here is one more very important thing to keep in mind. A real estate transaction for a buyer is typically an emotion-based decision. What that means is, that most buyers buy a home of any kind, based on their ‘love’ for particular features. Examples could be a beautiful kitchen, ideal floor-plan layout, perfect master bedroom, lavish bathrooms, family needs being met, or perhaps the ultimate backyard. Regrettably though, this often clouds, good judgement.

Consequently, emotional buying can have a disastrous outcome. Flaws or needed repairs in the home, are often overlooked, due to the blinding effect emotion accompanies and brings with it. Thus, the phrase ‘Caveat Emptor’ (Latin for: Let the Buyer Beware) comes into place. Not a good position for YOU as a buyer, to be in, when buying Nuevo Vallarta real estate. Also, when purchasing real estate in any other area, for that matter.

On the other hand, owners and sellers are also emotion-based. It differs a bit, however. Their emotion is also a ‘love’ of sorts, but mostly by attachment and sentimentality. Also of course, they place value on their costs, whether justified or not.

The Difference Between Value and Valueless In Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate

But, there is another HUGE (and often valueless) factor that comes strongly into play with sellers. It’s called THE LISTING PRICE! Largely, a seller bases the property price on what he or she “thinks” the property is worth. He or she also bases the price on how much money they have invested into the property. Lastly, they base their property price on how much money they ‘need out’ of it, to achieve the next phase of their life.

However, the reality is that NONE of this will necessarily have any bearing on HOW MUCH the property is ACTUALLY worth. Or, how much it will sell for! None, of the seller’s emotion-based pricing evaluations, has any bearing on what a buyer will pay.

For example, a home seeker could care less, if an owner has used “heavy-duty, platinum-plated” nails, or Sherwin Williams paint. Nor does he or she give a hoot, that the owner got gypped at the time of his/her purchase, and over-paid for the property in the first place. Likewise, a Nuevo Vallarta real estate buyer doesn’t care one bit, that an owner/seller got ripped off by the developer. Such examples of this, was the case with Taheima Wellness Spa Condominiums, Acqua Peninsula, and many others.

A Bit About How Value Is Actually Determined In Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate

But at the end of the day, it’s not the buyer’s problem. Therefore, factors such as this, ADD ZERO value, to the property, regardless of how much money it cost the owner/seller. The property will sell for what it is worth. After working with thousands of buyers over the years, I tell you this not to insult, but rather, to forewarn. It will NOT make one iota of difference to a buyer, how much money it cost the owner or seller in the first place. Period! To debate the point for a minute, or all day long, is futile.

Image of Factors Affecting Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Property Value

Here are the hard, cold facts, my friends. These are tried, tested and proven, hundreds of thousands of times over, not only by me, but also, by thousands of colleague around the globe.

I, for example, as a Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent, DO NOT set or determine the property price. My role is limited to giving an owner or seller, some guidance. This process is basically completed by using 3 factual tools.

First of all, similar properties that have sold are taken into consideration. This tells us approximately (with all things being equal), what other, previous buyers were willing to pay.

Second, we take into account properties that are currently on the market. This tells us exactly what your property’s competition is. It also tells us, what other properties a potential buyer is likely to look at, in making his or her buying decision.

Finally, we take into account properties that have not sold (expired listings). This gives us a very accurate measuring stick of what previous buyers WERE NOT willing to pay.

The Competitive Market Analysis In Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Evaluation

All this combined is called a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis). In it, we do manual adjustments for things like age, location, condition, inclusions, chattels, etc., to arrive at a ‘fair market value’ for your property. Simply stated, property PRICE is determined by one thing, and one thing alone. Value is derived from what a buyer is willing to pay, AND, what a seller is willing to sell his/her property for. As hard a pill as it might be to swallow, keep these points in mind, if you are an owner/seller. All a potential buyer cares about, is needs fulfillment and price. That’s it folks!

And, believe me, that buyer will ‘shop around’ doing many comparisons, before signing an OTP contract! Don’t let anybody tell you any different. Don’t be suckered into believing otherwise. If you choose to disregard this advice, you will find your property on the market, with a for sale sign in the front yard, for a very long time to come.

Correctly Price Your Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate For Sale

Image 7 of Factors Affecting Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Property ValueTherefore, price your property right at the outset. The more days it is on the market, the more ‘stale’ it becomes. Don’t worry about being a little too low with your price. If you are, the market will compensate you with multiple OTP’s, some of which will undoubtedly be more than the list price. Far better to be too low and receive multiple offers, than to be too high and receive none!

Of course, location, chattels, amenities and all the other factors, make some difference. However, that difference is small and insignificant, by comparison. Furthermore, these are all taken into consideration and adjusted, in the CMA. Consequently, if a property is ‘priced right’, it WILL sell. If it is not priced right, it WILL NOT sell, no matter where it is located.

Remember, there is a buyer for everything. But, that buyer is spending HIS or HER money. Therefore, he or she is going to get the most for it, no exceptions. If that does not happen on your property, it will on another. As such, don’t miss your chance. You only get one shot at it with a motivated buyer.

How A Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Agent Gets Paid

Those, friends, are the realities of the real estate business overall. Therefore, now that we know who pays the Realtor fees in a real estate transaction, and how it all works, let’s look briefly, at how a Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent gets paid.

Here’s an interesting real estate fact or two. First of all, with the exception of single-agency representation, Realtors do not get paid until after closing. In fact, in most ‘traditional’ real estate transactions, the Realtors are the very last ones, to be paid. When a Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor is working to find you a home, they know, that they will not make a Peso, unless you purchase, using their services, to do so.

The Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Agent Follow-Through

Image 12 of Factors Affecting Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Property ValueConsequently, it’s not enough for the Nuevo Vallarta real estate associate, like me for example, to simply get the OTP contract signed. Nuevo Vallarta real estate agents have to stick with the transaction. Part of their job, whether single or dual-agency, is making sure your transaction makes it to the closing table. In dual agency representation, if the deal doesn’t make it to closing, the Realtors will not get paid.

Dual Agency transactions are those where the seller pays the real estate agency fees, out of the proceeds, from the sale of their home. That is, assuming, there is enough equity in it in the first place. If the deal ‘falls apart’ before making it to closing, the real estate Firm will typically never get paid a dime. And, neither will the Nuevo Vallarta real estate associate get any compensation for all their work.

This is but one of the reasons, that being a Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor, is so difficult. It’s also the primary factor governing why so many drop out of the real estate business. Put another way, no deals, no income! Consequently, in a dual-agency situation, here’s the process of how a Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor, gets paid upon closing.

How The Closing Of A Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Transaction Boils Down

Once a deal is ‘solidified’, with the buyers deposit money is in place, and, all conditions satisfied; the initial deposit money goes from the buyers-agent Brokerage’s Trust Account, to the sellers-agent Brokerage’s Trust Account. When this happens, the money also becomes non-refundable and the transaction deal is unconditional. Then, from the sellers-agent Brokerage’s Trust Account, the deposit money the buyer gave, together with the mortgage money, and/or, the remaining ‘cash to close’ balance, goes to the seller’s Lawyer’s Trust Account.

Or, in the case of Nuevo Vallarta real estate, it typically goes to the sellers Notaria. After all parties have signed off on the sale/purchase and the remaining money has been delivered, the Lawyer or Notaria, then disburses related funds, to both the seller’s agent Brokerage, and finally, to the buyers-agent Brokerage. Then, and only then, does the Nuevo Vallarta real estate associate (me), get paid from my Brokerage, for the work I put in for you.

All of this is coordinated before the closing. In a dual-agency representation, Realtors can get paid right after closing, if and only if, everything is documented correctly, the transaction funds, and, the deal closes properly. So you see, properly done, tere is never any risk for either side – buyer or seller.

Assurance A Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Agent Will Care For You

Realtors pay tens of thousands of dollars in fees, dues and expenses, out of pocket, in advance, annually. Licencing requirements and retention demands this occurring, whether or not they have any closings coming up. Therefore, Nuevo Vallarta real estate agents and associates are very motivated to do what it takes, to get transactions closed.

Depending upon how long the closing date is set for, after the transaction was initially born, will determine the Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent’s (my) ‘payday’. High-producing, professional, career Nuevo Vallarta real estate agents such as me, for example, could conceivably have several ‘paydays’ in any given month. It is all dependent upon how many successful transactions are written, that actually close.

Conversely, low-producers, part-timers and novices might only have a single payday, or maybe, none at all, in their entire tenure. I once worked with a lovely lady, who in an entire year, only wrote one successful deal. It was a really tough go for her and needless to say, she quit the business. Lastly, that’s why so many don’t ever achieve longevity in the Nuevo Vallarta real estate business. They simply cannot live, on what income, they generate.

How would you feel having one of these poor souls, working for you, on your deal? Probably, you’d be a bit uneasy. That’s why I have given all the cautionary advice in this article. In alignment with my goal of “helping people,” I find it only right, to give the straight goods. There is nothing to gain or lose for us, by doing otherwise. However, you as a property owner, or as a buyer, certainly could have something to lose. I say that, because if you happen to get one of these ‘low-producers’ working on your deal, you might not have the best representation possible.

How Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Fees Get Determined And Set

It’s important to note, that Realtor fees are negotiable. Of course, all high-quality Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Firms have ‘in-office’ guidelines that the sales agents and associates must adhere to and abide by. However, sometimes exceptions will be made in a particular situation, for a variety of reasons.

As a home buyer, Realtor fees are typically NOT negotiated, or, negotiable for you. In a single-agency arrangement, the Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Firm, such as Urbane International Real Estate Group, knows roughly, how many man-hours it will take, to complete a successful transaction. In a dual-agency scenario, it doesn’t matter to the buyer, since the seller is paying those fees anyway.

Any fee negotiations in a dual-agency arrangement typically occur between the Nuevo Vallarta real estate property ‘listing agent’ and the home seller. But alas, as in any industry, you get what you pay for.

Beware Of Discounted Realtor Fees In Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate

It’s possible, that you might be able to get your Realtor fees discounted. As a home seller, you are entitled to ask your Nuevo Vallarta real estate listing agent about that. However, make sure that you are still receiving the highest level of service. As with anything, more often than not, a discounted fee, equates to a discounted service.

Typically, Realtor fee rates will vary between five and twelve percent, of the property gross selling price, before taxes. Generally speaking, something is getting cut from the service package, when the Nuevo Vallarta real estate listing agent is agreeable to discount their real estate fees.

Similar, is the situation in a single-agency service engagement. There are Firms who will discount their fees, just to ‘buy’ your business. So, watch out! Consequently, let me play the devil’s advocate here for a moment. I’ll only pose the following two questions.

First, once they have you signed up and are under contract, how hard do you think the ‘discount’ Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate agent will actually work for you, at a reduced rate?

And second, will they give it ‘their all’ to represent your best interests and aid you in achieving your Nuevo Vallarta real estate goals?

Summary Conclusion & Final Advice For Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate

Image 8 of Factors Affecting Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Property ValueThere are many good places to save some money in life. However, real estate transactions are generally NOT the best place, to go cheap! A high-quality Nuevo Vallarta real estate Realtor will NET you the best results. In addition, he or she will get you the highest possible amount of money for the sale of your home.

And, he or she will do so, in the least amount of time. Probably, with the least amount of stress and inconvenience too. He or she is motivated to do so, to some degree, by the commission receivable when the job is done. But more so, and lastly, I am motivated to do so, by my passion to “help people.”

Therefore, with that in mind and generally speaking, if you ‘cut commission’, you lower the motivation of your chosen Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent. Consequently, you will most likely also lower your homes’ selling potential too. Probably, it’s something to think about. Best advice suggests you do so BEFORE choosing your Nuevo Vallarta real estate agent to list your home for sale. Or, to represent you in the purchase of one.

Personal Help With Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate Is Available Anytime

Finally, whether you’re seasoned in Nuevo Vallarta real estate, or a first-time buyer, I’m here if you need help. Even if only, you’re wondering what the first step for you is. Get in touch anytime! I have a passion to help.

In closing, here’s another fact and thought for you to consider.

Out there, are many Realtor choices, just as there are Doctors. Consequently, IF, you needed a heart transplant, would you want the very best specialist Doctor on the job, or, the part-time, ‘discount one’, at the corner walk-in clinic, to do the task?

Likewise, a home is the very largest purchase or sale, you are ever likely to make in your entire lifetime. Getting, or selling one, is a pretty serious undertaking. Therefore, do you want to gamble that with that ‘part-timer’, or, ‘discounter’? Or, would you want the very best Nuevo Vallarta real estate associate working for you, on the task?

Just remember, it’s all about NET positive results. All the rest is secondary. High-yield net results for you, takes marketing and negotiating experience. It also takes dedication, knowledge, showmanship and passion!

Get In Touch About Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate

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