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In today’s hectic society, people have to spend more time working, just to make ends meet. Unfortunately, this lessens their recreational time. Inspired, tranquil outdoor living spaces can cure that.

Image 6 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 8 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceNowadays, the outdoor living and landscape construction business is highly sophisticated and complex.

Thousands of factors come into play. Consideration must be given to hundreds of hardscape and softscape ideas.

There is a myriad of solutions.

Equally, thousands of materials to choose from. This very specialized art-form is often a significant undertaking.

It demands the years of experience. Skill and expertise that the Urbane Landscape Group possesses. We refer to it as “OLE!” (Optimized Lifestyle Enhancement!)

The Reasons Everyone Needs An Outdoor Living Space At Home

Image 12 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 11 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceDue to the fact people now work more and play less, they demand more out of their own private property. There is a need to spend more time utilizing their backyard.

Since many cannot afford a ‘spa weekend’ regularly, they count on their outdoor living spaces to be a place of solitude, peace, tranquility and relaxation.

After all, the human body requires a certain amount of time to rejuvenate. It also needs a place of sanctuary to do that.

Secondly, but equally importantly, they use it for entertaining family and friends.

Proper Planning & Designing Of The Outdoor Living Space

The time that goes into developing a well-planned, harmonious and integrated outdoor living space for your property, can save thousands of man-hours in maintenance too. As such, it frees up your relaxation time.

Image 22 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 10 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceSynergistic outdoor living also provides years of enjoyment. As an added bonus, you’ll avoid the costs associated with ever having to redo an inadequately designed and built backyard.

Every single project undertaken by our group demonstrates innovation, creativity, originality and quality. Urbane work is backed by a proven, unequaled track record, sound reputation, and iron-clad warranty.

Most projects require detailed consulting and design-work. These factors form the foundation of your finished product. They’re the cornerstone of assurance that it’s all matched up to your needs and lifestyle. Urbane’s perfected system facilitates originality, consistency, precision, and accuracy. It keeps the communications clear and transparent, so you are always in the loop.

Outdoor Living Elements & Factors

These creations cannot be realized from conjectural notions locked in someone’s mind. In order to be brought to fruition, the ideas must be delivered. The mediums are paper and a computer screen. In the beginning, it lives in a virtual world.

Image 5 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 28 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceThrough communications with an Urbane expert, your ideas are drawn out.

Rigorous and exacting precision is practiced so it all becomes usable in the real world, to benefit your family.

This domain is no place for self-taught greenhorns.

Unsupervised interns, inexperienced part-timers, or amateurs lack the training, expertise and experienced to achieve OLE!

Although the choices for consultants, designers and builders are many – the proven are few. Grades, elevations, drainage and existing on-site elements, all play a critical role in the fundamental development of any new landscape.

Geometric, scaled, precise and detailed drawings are essential fundamentals. They’re critical to every successful landscape and outdoor living project. Assimilating these, results in real estate values being enhanced and problems being avoided. The involvement of professional landscapers and outdoor living experts adds the icing to the cake at your property.

Urbane Outdoor Living Clients Assisted Our Experience & Skill Levels To Be Broadened

Image 15 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 16 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceThe Urbane Residential Outdoor Living Group has been the chosen solution by many for extraordinary results.

#TheUrbaneTeamOfExperts have completed thousands of new and existing landscape makeovers. We’ve done them all, big and small.

Overhauls, renovations, restorations, alterations and upgrades. Outdoor living retrofits, remodels, re-creations, and backyard beautification.

In so doing, endless multitudes of elements have been incorporated for our Client’s dreams. Clients from around the globe have called in the Urbane Design & Construction Team. They’ve designed and built thousands of elegant and tasteful Landscapes.

Therefore, our group is experienced at world-class resorts, luxury homes, estates and even a castle! Because of our innovation, originality, creativity skills and expertise, discerning Developers have made us the Company of choice. We’ve been retained to design and landscape their residences too.

An Outdoor Living Work Summary

Image 47 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 36 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceAs a brief summary of experience and qualifications, all-inclusive vacation, golf and spa resorts have also chosen us as their design-build Project Managers.

It’s part of the reason we’ve been in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, since 1982.

The Urbane Team have been many times to such places as Tampa Florida.

In second place are Miami Beach Florida, San Juan Puerto Rico and Punta Cana Dominican Republic, doing work.

Right behind those are Puntarenas Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas Mexico, George Town Grand Cayman, Oranjestad Aruba, Kralendijk Bonaire, Margarita Venezuela and Bogota Columbia.

One of the Urbane outdoor living design-build teams did a large project at Rarotonga Cook Islands, on one occasion. The foregoing are just to mention a few global locations you’ll find an Urbane outdoor living space. Some are commercial, others are residential.

24 Most Common Elements Of Customer Outdoor Living Projects

The projects Urbane has been retained and booked to complete will incorporate a myriad of components and elements.

Almost always, an elegant cobblestone brick-paver driveway greets you upon your approach to the front of the home. Natural stone is often the preferred choice for the front-entry water feature or fountain, to invite you further to the home.

Image 45 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 51 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceMatching entertaining patio, incorporating a fire-pit or perhaps a fire-table will be planned for and installed, to knock off the chill and provide a warm, inviting, romantic environment.

Using the finest quality Fire Magic equipment, the BBQ Kitchen with all the dining accessories will emphasize the back yard.

As required, a series of terraced stone Belgard brick planters and retaining wall system on the property, create an elevated environment for lush flora.

Fine work mill-work is abundantly showcased in the covered Great Room of the outdoor living space. Frequently, a custom-made louvered roof allows natural light to enter the room. Air can circulate when it’s opened on the hot days of summer. Yet it provides protection from bad weather when closed.

Intricate finishing carpentry accentuates a chiseled stone natural gas fireplace with frontal hearth. Smart, big screen TV is attached on a retractable swivel bracket. It’s carefully positioned above head height on the mantle, so nobody injures themselves.

Each Section Of The Outdoor Living Area Has Purpose

Image 27 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living Space

Image 26 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceOuter circumference areas of this room is tastefully decorated with inviting, snugly seating.

What a wonderful place to curl up in on a cold winter evening!

This outdoor ‘Great Room’ is completed by a wet bar for entertaining friends and business associates. The ceiling has 2 infrared radiant heaters mounted for the colder days.

Included are usually 2 to 4 Ceiling Fans to circulate the air. These are irreplaceable on both warm and cool evenings or days.

Opposite is the Jacuzzi Tub. Many active clients preferred an aerobic spa pool. Either way, it’s strategically sited just outside the entire structure, for easy access and efficient circulation of family and friends.

On larger properties, we’ve built an open-air solarium. Often, it’s a partially covered sun room setting. Tastefully, the in-ground swimming pool with expansive pool deck is situated in another area of the back yard.

Finishing Touches On The Outdoor Living Space

Image 38 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 37 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceIn alignment with the more athletic and fitness conscious individuals needs, a sport court is incorporated into the design on larger properties, especially acreages.

Complete circulation throughout the entire property is achieved by interlacing it all with serpentine paving stone walkways.

Elevation changes are accommodated by utilizing expansive steps. These are knitted into the walkways to overcome the grade differences in the land.

The plantings in the outdoor living space are carefully planned for and chosen. Utilizing a mix of perennials, shrubs and trees, the objective is to give interesting form and year round color. This is achieved through flowers, foliage and tree bark. The Red Dogwood for example gives a bright red color through its’ bark to the outdoor living space, even through the dead of an icy cold, snowy winter. The plantings in addition to offering beauty, also lend a softening effect to all the hardscapes. This factor is an integral part of the backyard sanctuary effect of the outdoor living space.

Landscape and outdoor living areas Urbane Designers creations are always complimented by auto-irrigation and fertilization. This feature facilitates a low-maintenance environment. It serves to ensure the beauty of striking, year-round groupings of trees, shrubs and perennials.

Image 13 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 24 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceEvening usage requires the outdoor living space is enriched by an amazing landscape lighting display.

Bordering areas, front and back, are finished off with strategically placed cooling strips of blended Kentucky Bluegrass. A bit of Red Fescue is added for durability. This finishing touch gives barefoot comfort.

Entirely, the asset is encased with stylish Fencing. Usually, it is punctuated by stately stone-clad pillars or columns.

Privacy-screening of columnar plantings complete this personal oasis.  These prevent nosy outsiders and intruders from gawking or peering in.

Lastly, the family’s security is assured by the outdoor video-surveillance monitoring system. You’ll rest easy knowing your family is in a safe, secure environment. Options exist for remote monitoring too, if you prefer that. It can be programmed to run around the clock, or at specific intervals, or intermittently, as you choose. Or, you can simply turn it on and off as required, remotely through your smart phone, if you wish.

Image 56 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 4 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceHardscapes and softscapes married, harmonized and blended into one elegantly defined, functional outdoor living space. A personal retreat and sanctuary to rest and recharge or to entertain.

Customized to enhance client lifestyle, health, safety, property value and bank account. An outdoor living area of elegance synergistic with the indoor living spaces.

How You Benefit From Outdoor Living Sanctuaries

The outdoor living inspirations designed and built dramatically enhance the client lifestyle. They add measurable value to their real estate. It all begins with a consultation, a brain-storming session, and a site assessment. From there we move on through the UCG System. Development of a great landscape design begins. It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your property.

Image 1 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 2 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceUrbane Group experts work with you to create an environment that utilizes low maintenance, eco-friendly areas, complete with balanced plantings.

Your indoor living areas get extended to the great outdoors through outdoor living spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Your Perfectly Fitted  Outdoor Living Space

By harmoniously incorporating proven techniques your new outdoor living space will be balanced with your homes unique character.

Through exterior architectural practices, coupled with your own personal preferences, we develop an integrated, functional synergistic living area landscape Master Plan.

The Master Plan of the outdoor living area is the blueprint. It contains the layout and placement of everything. It is accompanied by on-drawing notes and a Scope of Work.

Combined, this all serves as the ‘instruction manual’ to the builders and the guidebook to the client. Through its’ existence, everything can be tracked and systematically dealt with during the installation phase.

Image 7 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 12 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceOnce built, you’ll enjoy it all for generations to come. At the same time, the children’s estate will also enjoy the value of your property, increased dramatically!

Wisely so – since we all desire increased personal wealth and sanctuary, correct?

Innovative hardscape and softscape solutions will become a functional expansion of your homes indoor living space. Married, the two permit year round enjoyment, both in and outdoors.

The Urbane Horticultural Design Team will also offer you whatever help you might need to grow your own fresh produce and food.

Get The Outdoor Living Advice You Want From Urbane Experts

If you’re good to tackle it all alone, great!

But if you need a bit of assistance, consult with us. You can request a consultation at any time with one of our top-notch Landscape Designers, or Landscape Architects. They’re trained and experienced in supplying an assessment of your property.

Image 17 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 14 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceThen, if you wish to move forward, the Urbane Team Of Experts will work hand-in-hand with you, to develop a functional Landscape Master Plan and design.

For your benefit the Urbane Team works systematically to virtually create and draw out your new outdoor living space.

It’ll be primarily based off your personal desires.

Secondly, it fully takes into account, ways of using space efficiently, your lifestyle, family size, social status, interests and entertaining frequency.

Partnering up with us takes, how you live, or wish to live into strong consideration and account. The size of your family, how often you entertain, the size of the group gatherings are important. All factors about your lifestyle are considered in the planning and design phase of your personalized outdoor living areas.

The outdoor living space you always dreamed of, will only be one landscape construction project from reality.

Image 21 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 20 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceJust so you know, since 1973, we’ve completed over 4,800 of them. So, you might say we have a bit of experience. The projects we’ve completed over 43 years have been of every size, style and description.

Have a look at a very small sampling of our project photos and you’ll see what we mean.

Outdoor Living Consultations & Solutions From Urbane Group Leads to Perfect Design & Build

If you need help, consult with us to develop a functional plan & design for your landscaping project.

Great landscape design is THE best investment you’ll make in your property. It prevents mistakes, trail and error, wasted areas and spaces that are dysfunctional. More importantly, it saves you a TON of wasted money!

The time that goes into developing a harmonious and integrated outdoor living space Master Plan can save you hours of yard maintenance too. It’ll also eliminate the cost of having to redo an inadequately planned or failed project.

Image 19 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceImage 23 of an Urbane Backyard Outdoor Living SpaceWe work with you to create an eco-friendly environment.

This backyard ecosystem utilizes innovative hardscaping solutions together with low maintenance plantings.

In the end, you’ll have a fully functional outdoor expansion of your home, that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

We’ll even throw in some awesome BBQ recipes for that new Fire Magic outdoor kitchen of yours – absolutely FREE! If that’s not enough, consider the benefits of an outdoor living space, for year round enjoyment. If you need help, contact us now and get on our waiting list. Request an initial outdoor living consultation with our veteran Landscape Design Team for your property. All our inquiries and projects are dealt with in priority sequence, based on first in, first served.

When You Need Help Get In Touch With Urbane Residential Outdoor Living Group

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