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If you want a property SOLD no matter where it is, we’ll get you the RESULTS you expect – guaranteed! The PROVEN Urbane International Global Realty Marketing System works in conjunction with many real estate associates & colleagues around the globe. When it comes to real estate needs of any description, our reach is far and wide, whether you are looking to sell, (or) to buy (or) to rent.

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Real estate is a very broad domain. It takes in everything from one’s primary residence, to ones businesses, to ones investment property, to ones vacation and leisure properties. There is so much more involved in realty than that which matches traditional thinking and perception.

The Urbane International Real Estate Group is a complete Team of highly trained, well disciplined, experienced Realtors. Urbane Realtors are veterans, specializing primarily in residential and commercial real estate in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and other North American locations, as well. Here’s a helpful Mexico living Link for you, that will give you more realty information.

Our Realty Personnel | Who We Are & How We Work

Outside Canada, we generally act in a ‘Single Agency’ role for people who are looking to buy or lease real estate, because of our international experience in various realty scenarios. When someone is looking for a particular type of real estate, it is very typical for us to represent the BUYER ONLY. This means that a potential buyer (for an oceanfront building lot in Puerto Vallarta for example), would retain us financially to represent his/her interests exclusively. We would hunt down and seek out what our Client wants and then professionally and expertly negotiate price, conditions, terms, etc.

We also regularly act as Realty Consultants, to Clients.  Many hire us to do research or give advice on topics they are interested in, or unclear about. This can be especially helpful when you are unfamiliar with the territory or country you are looking to buy realty in. Many times Clients also hire us to find them a business outlet, or suitable location to expand an existing business enterprise.

The second capacity in which we act in the realty domain, is as a LISTING AGENT, in the more traditional sense. Having international connections and powerful marketing reach, we take real estate listings internationally and market them. The Urbane Residential Group also has a full selection of Vacation Rentals properties for clients wanting to escape to paradise for a break from the long cold winters of the north.

The Importance Of Choosing Great Realty Personnel

We get the full cooperation of other real estate brokers and agents around the globe, because of our long history and track record with them. They know that our listings are always good ones and that some of the most prestigious properties in the western hemisphere are represented by our Firm.

In this scenario, we would then act in a ‘Dual Agency’ role, essentially meaning, we would firstly represent the seller’s best interests, and the buyers second. In the event we have a buyer for our own listing, we always utilize 2 different Agents from within our Offices, to ensure everything is negotiated fairly and with acute integrity.

The property we handle is among the finest realty in the world. Our specialty lies in getting RESULTS, whether you are selling or buying. We take on tough projects and requests with experience, confidence, skill and finesse, no matter where on the globe it is located.

As you are already aware, we are also Architectural Designers and Builders of new Custom Homes, as well. From primary residences, to vacation properties, to winter properties, to retirement properties, we’ve got every aspect of residential realty covered.

We are the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for everything residential. Check with the Urbane Residential Real Estate Group first, for all your realty needs, wherever or whatever they may be.

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